View Full Version : Why animus 3.0 users need to be linked with 2.0 users

04-07-2011, 01:38 PM
I have the new Downloadable content ''The Da vinci disseaperance'' (sorry for bad spelling)

And i have been playing matchmakeing and to be honest its takeing Alot of time just so i can be matched up with people to play againts both in manhunt and Wanted its all i play.

I think 3.0 users should be linked with 2.0 because the matchmakeing when in 3.0 takes alot longer then the people in 2.0 since 3.0 users are forced to stay in there category and if you switch all the DLC is turned off and i cant play the characters i wish to play as so im pretty much saying that both should be linked so the Matchmakeing is more effcient and i dont see the big deal i mean its not like the 2.0 users on a 3.0 users team is gonna be able to pick the new characters and to be honest i dont care to much about the maps its only 1 and it sucks anyways =/