View Full Version : Sequence 9 troubles.

05-19-2011, 01:39 PM
After finding an artifact I decided to prolong my time in Monterigioni until I found all five. Unfortunately, after completing the last memory of sequence 8 it jumped streight into sequence nine, which will cause Desmond to leave Moterigioni. So during memory one of sequence 9 I aborted the memory so I could finish my collection.
I have now found all five artifacts and wish to continue sequence 9. However, I seem unable to do so. I have tried:

-Accessing it via the DNA menu which tells me to locate the icon in world.

-Searching the map for the memory icon (it's dissapeared).

-Replaying the last memory of sequence 8 (it sends me back to the DNA menu).

-Completing the Da Vinci Dissapearence (I hoped it might help as, chronologically it's the closest memory to sequence 9).

Does anyone have any ideas on accessing sequence 9 besides creating a new profile?

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