View Full Version : See Maps online without opening FMB?

Texas LongHorn
09-25-2006, 09:49 AM
Fellow Flight Sim Lunatics, is there a site where you can look at the maps without actually firing up the sim and going into the FMB? I'm patched up to 4_04merged and it's to the point now where you could spend quite a bit of time just perusing the maps before you even decide what you want to do <ggg.> It would be cool to just put all the maps in an image folder and then be able to look at them with a simple graphics display program. I seem to remember there was such a site years ago but I believe it was just for the original IL2. Thanks in advance, all the best, LongHorn

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09-25-2006, 10:25 AM
This old site has a few of them and it still works:

777 AVG (http://www.777avg.com/maps/)