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03-19-2006, 05:54 PM
Back in November of last year, I found and posted that Ubi had trademarked "Rainbow Six: Breakaway".
They have two trademarks for it.
Ubi has also registered the domain www.rainbowsixbreakaway.com (http://www.rainbowsixbreakaway.com)
This leads me to believe that the PC version of Rainbow Six 5 will be titled Rainbow Six: Breakaway.
All trademarks for SC, GR, and R6 games by Ubi/RSE have been used, so I doubt Breakaway will be any different.

Yen Lo
03-19-2006, 07:58 PM
somebody said they found a site that was Rainbow 6 6. They didnt say what the title was, but basically was saying that there are 2 games left in this series. Dunno, if this is true.

03-20-2006, 11:01 AM
Why all these stupid names all of a sudden???

Why not...

R6: Cold Dagger
R6: Global Apocalypse
R6: Task Force

Hmmm... hmmm???

03-20-2006, 12:11 PM
Breakaway is highly suggestive. It does not have the mysticism or faint feeling of military colloquialism that Rogue Spear or Raven Shield had. It is the second title where, like Lockdown, it describes a process or a concept central to the storyline.

Where Breakaway differs is that it is indicative of something OTHER than merely the story. Take the words Rainbow Six and Breakaway together. It suggests a breakaway from tradition, it suggests a breaking from convention, it suggests a new direction. It also suggests 5 inch long wheat biscuits covered in choclate.

Now, this is all absolute speculation, but these names are chosen for a reason. Marketing will no doubt have had much of a hand in this. There is a science to naming that which you are going to put on the shelves. Raven Shield fitted with the design philosophy of the game because Raven Shield represented a desire to maintain not only the convention of the 'RS' naming system of old but also BECAUSE of that it represented a preservation of the gameplay mechanic and design philosophy the R6 games have always been known for. It felt familiar - it was a trading on a well-known franchise. It recognised that a casual gamer in a shop, who hadn't been following the game's development, wanted to pick up a game that reminded them of the enjoyment of the previous Rainbow games. Hence, 'RS'.

Now, take a look at 'Lockdown'. It does NOT follow the classic naming convention. It is not an expansion pack, it is a new and unknown prospect to the gamer (unlike Black Arrow, for example). It has broken with the RS convention. It is unfamiliar. The title sounds dynamic - it has urgency and excitement. It suggests emergency and danger. It is exactly consistent with the design philosophy of Lockdown - that of immediate, bang-in-your-face shoot-a-thousand-tangoes-a-mission. The linear and 'cinematic' rollercoaster ride. It represents everything Lockdown is - it is not a Rainbow Six game, rather, it is an attempt to move the series in a new direction. Gone is cool military detachment of a codename - instead we have the title of an action movie, and all the immediacy and instant gratification it suggests.

For those of you who think I am over-analysing this, I am not. ANYBODY who is involved with marketing or has been involved in the process of naming a product knows that it is a very scientific (well, as near as damnit for marketing) process in which many names will be thrown out before the final is reached. The name of what you put on the shelves, what is on the lips of thousands of gamers everywhere, what adorns the cover space of your favourite magazine - it is important that the connotations of the name FIT with what the game is supposed to be about in order to best sell it. Lockdown could never have been named anything else, nor could Raven Shield. Names like these are not decided on a whim - they are a window into the design philosophy of the game in question.

Without seeing too much of R65:PC it is almost impossible to understand what Breakaway could mean (if that is the title, which could have been reneged seeing the reaction to Lockdown). It could have MEANT (seeing as how they're being cautious over revealing it) a break from the R6 games of old a la Lockdown, consistent with the R6 game design of the console version. If they do keep it, they may be keen to highlight it is entirely different to Lockdown. Who knows. It could go either way. Seeing as how the name was registered a long time ago, I'd hedge my bets that it was intended of something as a break from the tradition of the R6s of old. In that case, its lack of revelation MAY indicate a change in that design philosophy based on the performance of Lockdown. We can but hope!

03-21-2006, 06:10 PM
Warning about "Breakway":

Please don't do a "breakway" and then advertise it as totally different from Lockdown. Just because something is "different" from Lockdown doesn't mean a thing.

Horse manure is different from human feces, but it is still excrement, despite the difference in smell, color and texture.

Please keep in mind what the PC gamers want, we want quality worthy of PC, not a linear console port.

If you feed customers edible food, as opposed to feeding us excrement. We can tell. We are not stupid. and changing to a different type of excrement won't fool us.

Yen Lo
03-21-2006, 07:48 PM
Some say Ubi got the "Message" from Lockdown, though ya never know.