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07-27-2009, 04:46 PM
which game do u guys think will be better? the conduit was pretty much ur basic sci-fi FPS i mean don't get me wrong it was great game and the storyline had it's own unique twists and great multiplayer *coughs* *Ubisoft* *has* *no multiplayer* the conduit was also pretty short
from what i've heard from RS2 developers, the game won't be too much longer than the conduit but has a unique storyline with a badass samurai/gunslinger and the sword fighting looks really fun tell Ubisoft which u think will be better

07-27-2009, 06:53 PM
I think that each have their promising qualities, but I hope that Red Steel 2 will add multiplayer. I think with that addition, it will be the better game if everything works out.

07-27-2009, 08:03 PM
well I don't think trying to compare them is really fair, since red steel 2 is a sequel the dev team has had a chance to learn from problems people had from the first game, what would be better to compare is The COnduit 2 vs. Red Steel 2 (they haven't announced it yet but you know it's coming)

07-27-2009, 08:54 PM
The ending of The Conduit really hinted at a sequel and I hope that they build on the relative success of the first game. I hope the same for Red Steel 2 and I believe that they will impress the fans with one of the best and most innovative games on any console.

08-19-2009, 01:46 AM
The conduit's multiplayer was awesome, (better than the actual game), fun I must admit, but after a while just shooting at everything you see gets kinda tedious, but some of the multiplayer modes are good, but there aren't enough arenas.

Red Steel 2, while looking like its not gonna have multiplayer the single player looks great, the diversity of the gun and sword looks awesome, and can't wait to chop some people!
Multiplayer would be icing on the cake though.

08-19-2009, 10:21 AM
That's a bit of a tough one. While I think RS2 will be the better overall game, The Conduit definitely has more replayability with multiplayer. I was rather disappointed with The Conduit, but I understand that it was HVS' first major title. Though a sequel will surely be awesome, I think (HOPE) Red Steel 2 will be a better overall game than The Conduit.

08-19-2009, 11:16 AM
I think that we are all hoping for Red Steel 2 to blow away all other games that we hold so dear. Come on, Ubisoft!

08-20-2009, 07:14 AM
ya i hope that they have multi player cause wii doesnt haver very good ones and these controls r sweet

08-20-2009, 11:21 AM
personally i think the red steel 2 will have a better single-player mode, but without multiplayer it will have less replayability than then the conduit without multiplayer i think the they're own par unless ubisoft adds multiplayer, and besides people will play RS2 over and over again if ubi adds multiplayer (yet another reason to add multiplayer)

08-20-2009, 08:10 PM
i think if redsteel 2 adds multiplayer then i think it will be just as good, if not better game than the conduit.

08-22-2009, 01:01 PM
Ok here's my two cents about that:

First, the Conduit as a package tried very different things. In many ways it was like Red Steel 1 pioneering technology on Wii. (Wii Speak, Shader etc.
The Conduit shows a lot of promise and I am eager to see what HVS can pull off with the lessons they've learned from The Conduit. I enjoyed the Conduit and one thing stood out the most: The Controls, I haven't played a single console shooter that controlled just so perfect like the Conduit and thats mainly due to the fully customizable scheme.
thankfully Ubi took a note from that.

Now while I think that looking at it from a content perspective, The conduit might be better, but ultimately I am sure that Red Steel 2 will be the better game in terms of quality.
this is simply a 2nd generation Wii Game, and the Dev. have a lot more experience with the Hardware, and also their artists are much better.
NO offense to HVS, but the art of the Conduit isn't one of its strong points.

While Red Steel might end up being the better game, it was The Conduit that really set standards that define future Wii FPS games.

08-28-2009, 06:40 PM
driveby012 dude you nailed it.People must understand that the conduit was a first try by HVS, admirable atempt but somethings gotta be improved. RS2 Has the upper hand just cause of the delay. But comparing the 2 games is a little unfair. If the conduit pulled off multiplayer RS2 can to.

09-06-2009, 06:06 PM
Originally posted by rs2fan:
driveby012 dude you nailed it.People must understand that the conduit was a first try by HVS, admirable atempt but somethings gotta be improved. RS2 Has the upper hand just cause of the delay. But comparing the 2 games is a little unfair. If the conduit pulled off multiplayer RS2 can to.

And a rather good MP at that. Since they started banning cheaters, its getting better and better every day. The matchmaking gets faster and the lag is almost non existant now. A far cry from the choppy first weeks.

Ubisoft has really no excuse other than not having the manpower and budget to not include Multiplayer.
Simple as that.

If anything they could even add a Horde like Mode for up to 4 players. That would kick ***.

09-12-2009, 12:01 PM
Horde mode would totally OWN!!!

Also a better comparison to RS2 could be The Grinder also by HVS, and both games are second tries on the wii and coming out in 2010 AND use WiiMotion plus.

And they're both first person.

09-15-2009, 01:49 PM
Originally posted by sxy_asian_ninja:
which game do u guys think will be better? the conduit was pretty much ur basic sci-fi FPS i mean don't get me wrong it was great game and the storyline had it's own unique twists and great multiplayer *coughs* *Ubisoft* *has* *no multiplayer* the conduit was also pretty short
from what i've heard from RS2 developers, the game won't be too much longer than the conduit but has a unique storyline with a badass samurai/gunslinger and the sword fighting looks really fun tell Ubisoft which u think will be better

The Conduit actually had a deeper story than many people here think, http://forums.sega.com/showthread.php?t=289929 read through what Quibber123 & has to say. or maybe I can post what he said here? Yeah ok I'll do that!.

"Simply put, everything in the conduit is about the Annunaki (Also called Nephilim in some religions), an ancient alien race which once resided on the planet of Nibiru (also called Marduk), which orbited around a star just outside of pluto called by the Annunaki to be "Zaos." To describe the Annunaki, they are an odd race capable of both good and evil, but thrive in the enslavement of those under them. They bio-engineered a species to use as foot-soldiers, policemen, and spies, these which would be called the Ducaz; a reptilian, vicious creature. When nibiru and zaos were both destroyed somehow, the Annunaki looked for a new place to reside, eventually choosing Earth. When they arrived, and only brainless life existed, the Annunaki supposedly created Humans to be slave-miners. However, the Annunaki Elites also wanted to create civilization, and so placed one on the island of Atlantis off of the coast of Spain and England (modern day.) However, when the Annunaki found out that the Attas (Light bringing almost god like beings which rule and travel the mult-verse) were patrolling in the solar system nearby, they quickly sunk the entire island. Some Annunaki citizens escaped with their lives, however most died. Seeing as the Attas requested the Annunaki Elites to come with them, the Annunaki Elites had no option but to come. The surviving Annunaki then traveled the world and began to create civilizations such as the Aztecs, Incas, and Egyptians, with each of the Annunaki in each of the civilizations acting as gods to them. In this way, every god in Egyptian, Norse, Inca, Aztec, and realy just about every mythology, was really an Annunaki remnant from Atlantis (except they really didn't have any powers.) When the Annunaki Elites returned and saw that their servants before (the Annunaki remnants) had seemingly begun to rule the Earth, the Annunaki Elites flooded most of the Entire world to rid themselves of the civilizations. Of course, none of the Annunaki Remnant gods actually died to this, however, their civilizations were all nearly destroyed. Still, the Annunaki Elites realized they would just rebuild their civilizations and so decided to make one of their own again, this time, with humans, and in Sumeria. This is when some of the very strongest and most powerfull of the Attas discovered the human creations and punished the Annunaki Elites by eternally banishing them from Earth, furthermore, always chasing them across the universe. It is said that the Annunaki remnants still exist, however taking completly human form. In the context of what the unknown told Adams at the end of the conduit (really Enlil) he said "There are worse things than exile." This hints the following: Either the mysterious person is an Attas flat out, or he is Enki (also written Enqi) a god who constantly disagreed with Enlil but was very close to him." That about sums that up, however, most secret messages point to the Annunaki being responsible. For example, here's one. "The Ducaz came before the Drudge." We know the Ducaz were created by the Annunaki, so it only makes sense that it is telling us the Annunaki also created the Drudge, hinting and succesfully telling us that Enlil (or Mr. Adams) is infact an Annunaki, as well as (through context) Prometheus. However, I believe that Prometheus is an Annunaki Remnant from Atlantis, but Mr. Adams (or Enlil) is an Annuanki Elite. As for hints of Greek Mythology, remember, the Annuanki Remnants were responsible for EVERY god in EVERY ancient civilization, at least in this story, so it only makes sense that Prometheus could have been the very first Prometheus titan of Greece. Although the godly powers in the form of the Annuanki is always exagerrated, any Annunaki is fully capable of being defeated in combat by a human. I hope this helped. P.S. Look at every secret message, you will find a way to fit it into this same idea that the Annunaki are responsible for this. They lived on Nibiru, it was lost, etc. Also, Mr. Adams plans stretched for "240 years" as he said. 2000 ish - 240 ish = 1760 ish, the aproximate date of the creation of the United States of America.

They say the end of the world is Dec 2012 and the date of the game is Oct 2012 and that supports that idea and also the elites are released from exile On Dec 2012 so they will probobly re-flood the world.The ASE is also known as the Atu-Waa and that is a tool the Elites created when they were fighting the Vulturites(another name for plain Annuanki). The Atu-Waa could control time and so they learned it was too powerful so they hid it on earth and the vulturites were searching for it and found it on earth.However, the atu-waa cannot be activated unless one possesses the code to activate it and activates it in the "power spot," believed to be Iraq (witch is around the fertile crescent were most early civilizations came from and those early civilizations were all created by the surviving elites and vulterites) but not necessarily. The Elites and Vulturites know the codeword, but only the Elites know the power spot. I think some of the founding fathers, being freemasons, were either Vulturites or puppets of Adams, who is also a Vulturite. This would mean he knows the code to activate the atu-waa, or ASE. Prometheus might be a member of the Elites, who possessed the ASE but turned it over to Mr. Ford because he was captured by Adams.Prometheus was an Elite protecting the ASE, while Adams wants the ASE to restart time. While restarting time, he would also trigger the apocalypse and end life on Earth. Without the codeword or the power spot, the ASE has limited functions in Ford's hands.So thats also a possobility.

Another thing i just found out is in the level where the pentagon is under attack there is a X over Iraq on the computers in the map wich is where the power spot for the Atu-Waa is. Here are all the seccret messages plus meanings to help better understand the story.


1. Colares was more successful than Roswell./ ufo flap in 1977 resulting in serious side effects and 2 deaths, ROSEWELL WAS THE WELL KNOWN INCIDENT ABOUT A POSSIBLE UFO CRASH
2. The lesser forms will bow before the Annunaki!/ former inhabitants of nibiru, current status unknown. consider themselves all powerful



1. There ought to be limits to freedom.../ symbolizes government control. over you!
2. Where is Virginia Dare?/ first white woman born in america. part of the roanoke colony that went missing
3. The union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst!!/ ananias was virgianias father. ellinor is unknown to me.ELLINOR IS A MISPELLED WORD FOR ELEANOR, WHO WAS THE MOTHER OF VIRGINIA DARE, SUGGESTING ELLINOR WAS HER ALIEN NAME AND SHE WAS AN ALIEN
4. Virginia Dare was the first puppet of our master!/ cant explain it any better than that.SUGGESTING THAT THE ALIEN CONSPIRACY IS ABOUT THE US, AND VIRGINIA WAS THE FIRST WHITE WOMAN TO BE BORN ON NORTH AMERICA, WHERE THE US IS TODAY
6. Operation Saucer lulled the sheep back to sleep!/ operation saucer was the code name of the group who investigated colares. said it wasnt ufos but later retracted that statement.
7. Is not an alien force already among us?/ good question



2. Under the terms of the treaty the Shugurra was returned!/ referring to s sumerian myth i think shugurra means "that which makes go far into the universe." i dont know what treaty though
3. The Condon Committee was ours!/ The Condon Committee was the informal name of the University of Colorado UFO Project, a study of unidentified flying objects, undertaken at the University of Colorado from 1966 to 1968 under the direction of physicist Edward Condon.SUGGESTING THAT THE ALIENS CONTROLLED THE COMMITEE
4. Fight and die for the NWO/ pretty much what it says. new world order.
5. Humans should fear the world they call Eris/ dwarf-planet discovered in 2005 POSSIBLE ALIEN WORLD?
6. The Ducaz came before the Drudge/ a form of the anunnaki that they engineered as a fighting force/army/gaurd and used to capture and control planets THE DUCAZ ARE WHAT PROMETHEUS, AND ADAMS ARE?



1. Weep for long lost Nibiru!/ nibiru is the home world of the anunnaki but its is said it is dead now
2. And from the Cat's Eye Nebula they came forth/ someone came from the cats eye nebula. thats about it. pretty nebula ANOTHER ALIEN FORCE INVOLVES, THAT GOT IN THE DUCAZ WAY SOMEHOW
3. Ad astra per aspera/ latin for "to the stars with difficulty" AFTER NIBIRU WAS DESTROYED, THE ALIEN RACE FLED TO SPACE
4. XXIII/ roman numeral for 23
5. Darkness seems scarcely different from light.../ lies. i guess.
6. You are not paranoid - you are right!/ .....
7. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders!/ i beg to differ. look at the housing crisis.



1. Novus ordo seclorum/ latin for "new order of the ages"
2. The sacrilege of BayanKara-Ula will not be forgotten/ mountain range seperating tibet from china. supposed sight of the crash landing of alien species responsible for the dropa stones/discs THE ALIENS HAD CONTACT WITH THE AREA, AND THE ARTIFACTS WERE OF SOME IMPORTANCE
3. The Dropa came down from the clouds.../ the dropa is the name given to the alien species mentioned above MOST LIKELY WRITTEN BY A HUMAN, WITH MULTIPLE ALIEN RACES NOW INVOLVE, IT COULD BE FORM ANOTHER ALIEN PERSPECTIV EON EARTH ABOUT THE OTHER SPECIES
4. XLII/ roman numerals 42
6. The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment/ the
Amoebic Rescuers of the Light who are like space-patrol. i know crazy THE ATTAS CAUSED THE EXILE OF ALIENS LIKE ADAMS?
7. Final destiny of the gods ?



1. Every valuable commodity fades before Vril!/ a fluid that is used as an energy soucre that can be used to heal or destroy
2. Ducaz are but one of the many servants/ ducaz was created by the anunnaki for military purposes so this implies they made others. SUGGESTING THAT A HIGHER RACE CONTROLS THE DUCAZ, AND THEY CONTROL THE DRUDGE
3. Who now watches over the Atu-Waa/ The "instrument" used by the Anunnaki to re-start time
4. I have seen the fnords!/ Fnord is the typographic representation of disinformation or irrelevant information intending to misdirect
5. Our masters feed on the gnosis of the lesser beings!!/ the spiritual knowledge of a saint or mystically enlightened human being
6. Annuit coeptis/ latin for "he approves/approved our work." THE EXILES HAVE BEEN WORKING FOR THE ALIENS AND GET THEIR APPROVAL?



1. MMXII/ 2012, doomsday year
2. Death to the Attas/ Probably signifying that the exiles want the Attas(the hings that made the exiles go into exiles) dead
3. Bellum omnium contra omnes/ I'm missing omnium, but it is along the lines of "All wars are against everyone"/ you can decide for yourslef it's meaning
4. Enlil was victorious at the place humans call Kecksburg!/ Kecksburg was an area where a UFO was said to crash, but the US government was said to have covered it up very quickly before anyone could find out, signifying, that adams covered it up to keep the aliens fomr being discovered, and is being commended by some alien for it.
5. CVIII/ it is 108, I looked it up, and there was nothing relevent on the date or number
6. The World is in a constant conspiracy against the brave
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He put a lot of work into this and I really like what he had to say (=.

09-15-2009, 01:53 PM
Oh yeah...I don't want to say what game is better or what not because I haven't played Red steel 2 yet lol =P