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05-12-2005, 09:36 AM
posted Thu May 12 2005 04:54
Please help, i set up my fighterstick ok but find it is difficult to aim precisely at a target, i have my pitch and roll settings in the input set ok for responses but still find it difficult to aim straight ahead for head ons, my questions are what do you set your x and y sensetivity settings on in the ch manager, you can set it 1 to 100 and i dont know if that is my problem or not, my stick seems to feel real loose even though my in game settings for pitch,roll are real low exampleitch=8,12,16,22 etc..roll=2,4,6,18,22 etc, these sticks have a light touch compared to my other stick wich had a stiff spring in it so the learning curve has been hard, could you all who use this stick give me your stick settings for the game input as well as the sensetivity settings for the ch manager, i need help setting this thing up for precise head on type firing, ive gone to the ch forum and got no help yet, please help me here im going nuts. Thanks i fly the fw190 and 109s exclusively