View Full Version : Captian log 1939 november

05-09-2006, 10:49 AM
Thirth Mission just bought the new VIIB class
Play realistic at 50%
4 officers
17 mates
20 sailors(30 max but i dont have space in crewcabin to rest them all)...
U-55 have to patrol AN 26..

My tactic is dive all day and surface at night(perfect cover)..
(unless the weather is calm so i can use the deck-gun)... it saves torpedo's and more tonnages total later when the mission is complete...

Today i use the deck-gun ones... it was a small Cargo ship that have to say bye bye lmao....

the rest close to England coast, the sea was to rough to use the deckgun so i use all my torpedo's.. and the following targets are destroyed:

3x Small cargo
3x C2
1x Coastal ship
Total tonages 282484

Next mission BF11...
Further information will be continue....