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05-02-2006, 11:34 AM
http://www.totalvideogames.com/news/Rainbow_Six:_Vegas_...erge_9841_5561_0.htm (http://www.totalvideogames.com/news/Rainbow_Six:_Vegas_-_New_Details_Emerge_9841_5561_0.htm)

Titbits of information are revealed about Ding's forthcoming shootout down the strip...
Posted: 12:43 on 02 May 2006
By: Jon Wilcox

According to some reports, the fifth instalment of the Rainbow Six franchise, Rainbow Six: Vegas, will be released for Xbox 360 during September 2006 in North America, though both that and a more exact date for the PlayStation3 version are yet to be confirmed by Ubisoft.

The news comes as further information surrounding the game has appeared online with suggestions that Vegas will include the ability to use an optic cable to look underneath doorways, and use either explosives or hacks to bypass electronic security measures on doors.

Perhaps the most interesting point surrounds the idea that Team Rainbow will also hang from ropes and gain entry to a building by smashing through the windows, which is sure to go down well with action movie aficionados.

All this is yet to be formally confirmed by Ubisoft; we'll have more on Rainbow Six: Vegas shortly...

05-02-2006, 12:08 PM
Not much news there, and that writer is under the impression that Ding is still in it. Everything else has shown a new team--including pictures of them.
Thanks for sharing though, maybe the hacking/bypassing security will be something other than the light beams you turn off.

Ghost Dog 3
05-05-2006, 05:19 PM
More info

With Critical Hour, you closed an era to start a new one now with Vegas. How do you plan to renew the franchise and tell us why Vegas is more than a new Rainbow Six with high resolution graphics?

Maxime Béland: When we started on the project, our goal was to take what has made Rainbow Six games so popular, and bring the player€s experience to the next level.

This means focusing on core elements like tactics and realism, but it also means accepting to stop doing things we€ve done in the past. The format of the game for example. Remember the briefing and debriefing screens in past Rainbow Six games? They€re finally gone, because now we are doing all our storytelling in real-time.

When we talk about realism and tactics, we need to talk about multi-path. It means that the player can approach a situation from different angles. They will have many options to enter through windows after rappelling down a building, making simultaneous room entries with his teammates, etc.

To conclude, one of our major focuses is the AI, not only the enemies but the team mates as well. Your team mates will have their own skills and will give you some advices during the game. Regarding the enemies, you€ll see a progression in their abilities. At the beginning, you€ll encounter some guerilla-like terrorists but near the end, they€ll be organized and expertly-trained to increase the challenge.

Why €œLas Vegas€, a city in the middle of the desert, and not L.A. or the island of Manhattan? Doesn€t the fact that the game takes place in a single city reduce the variety of scenarios and ultimately gameplay?

Maxime Béland: By focusing on one location, we have even more freedom on the experience we want to give to players. One location means that we can increase the tension, ramp up the pressure on the player and keep him immersed in our game-world.

Vegas is huge. Vegas is popular too, over 37 millions of people visit Vegas each year. You have various locations in that city that are as different as different countries. But the sense of progression and escalating chaos is something we found very interesting and wanted to do with RSV.

What can you tell us at this point about the game€s storyline? Is this kind of a sequel where John Clark and Ding Chavez are retired?

Maxime Béland: You now play as Logan Keller, Michael Walter and Jung Park. They are the new team assigned for this mission. For the storyline, we are putting a lot of efforts to have something everyone will remember. What I can say right now is that while chasing an international terrorist, Team Rainbow is redirected to Las Vegas where a terrorist strike is unfolding. A major attack could kill the city€s entire population, thus heightening the tension and emphasizing the need to act quickly and decisively.

So far, you have revealed three playable characters; team leader Logan Keller; heavy weapons and recon expert Michael Walter; and Jung Park, long range and electronics specialist. First, we€d like to know if you can switch between these three characters at any given time during the mission, or will they be playable much in the way Dieter Weber alternated roles with Chavez in Lockdown?

Maxime Béland: We obviously have more than three characters in the game. For example, we also have Joanna and Brody, your INTEL and the chopper€s pilot, respectively. But you control one of them: Logan.

We want the player to be in the boots of a special ops team leader, to be faced with the decisions these guys face during operations, and to be in control of an elite team.

Fans of the series complain that in an effort to make new installments more accessible, the series has become more arcade-like and less tactical - especially with Lockdown. Does the fifth installment in the series take more of a €œViva Las Vegas€ route or is this a return to the grittier, tactical feel of the first games?

Maxime Béland: Rainbow Six has always been known to be the thinking man€s shooter, and we are definitely going back to this. We are not only building the game to force the player to think before he acts, but we are also giving him the tools to do it. For example, we are bringing back the rules of engagement, allowing the player to switch between Infiltrate and Assault. In infiltrate, the team is only going to return fire on the enemies, so this mode is great when you need to gain access to a better tactical position without letting the enemy know you are there.

One criticism of the last two games was A.I., which didn€t evolve as much as other aspects of the games. Will you take advantage of the new multi-core architectures found on the Xbox 360 and PS3 to make your squad and the enemies smarter and deadlier?

Maxime Béland: Yes! Our programmers are spreading all the different parts of the engine on different threads so that we can fully use the power of the next generation consoles. But to make better AI, you don€t just need more processing power. You need to kick *** on all aspects of our game: design, level design, animation, voices and, of course, great code. So for RSV, we are making sure we bring all those elements to the next level.

The first info released about the game suggests you have beefed-up the options available upon entering a room. Please tell us more about what you can observe, plan, and do when entering a room in Vegas.

Maxime Béland: We are actually putting a lot of emphasis on what we call the OPA. Observe, Plan and Assault. We€re not inventing anything here; it€s the way spec ops work. But we are designing the game and our features to fully support this.

For the observation, we added the ability to snake cam under a door so that players would have better information about a room before they storm in with their team. As for the planning, we have revised the way the player gives orders to his teammates. Our new way is more intuitive, and it allows the player to control his teammates remotely without needing to be right next to them. Finally, for the assault, we€ve added rappelling and fast roping, allows player and their teammates to enter locations in new tactical ways.

The screenshots released so far show the game from a third-person perspective. What can you tell us about the different views the game will feature? Will there be a visor similar to that seen in Lockdown or more like the Cross-Com monocle of Advanced Warfighter?

Maxime Béland: We have 2 views for the game, connected to the situation you are in.

The first one is the first-person view. It will be used most of the time in RSV, as it€s the default view.

When you Take Cover, the camera will go out, and become a third person view, so that you can see everything around. If you shoot while in cover, the camera will place itself just over the shoulder.

Also, when you rappel down a building, the camera will also be in a third-person view, to make sure the players understand and observe everything without any restrictions.

What can you tell us about the game€s engine? What visual improvements can gamers expect to see? Are you running on a made-from-scratch engine or are you developing upon an existing technology?

Maxime Béland: We are using the Unreal Engine 3. As for the physics, Novodex was our choice. So expect something very impressive technology wise, as we are making great achievements with this engine.

Also it€s a great engine for Multiplayer needs.

Do you feel lot of pressure after the tremendous success, both in popularity and financial terms, of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter?

Maxime Béland: What€s great is that GRAW has raised the bar and has shown everyone what the Xbox 360 can do, not only in terms of graphics, but also for the whole player€s experience.

So do we feel pressure? Of course! Does it force us to outdo ourselves to deliver the best possible game we can? Totally.

Can you reveal anything at all about the multiplayer modes? Will you take players out of Las Vegas for multiplayer? Will you offer co-op gameplay, if so, will be playable over Xbox Live?

Maxime Béland: Multiplayer is a very important facet of RSV. We offer both adversarial and cooperative game modes in and around the city of Las Vegas. You can expect to find a new team-based adversarial game mode called Attack & Defend. You€ll face objectives you€d expect to find in a Rainbow Six mission such as Hostage Rescue, Bomb Defusal and Recovering Intel. One team assaults while the other team defends.

Leaderboards track detailed statistics for you to see who are the best, and worst, team-players out there. Achievements are placed around single player and multiplayer milestones, so you can show off your accomplishments in every aspect of the game.

You can create a custom online operative and personalize him through your gameplay. As you play online, your operative evolves over time.

Cooperative gameplay is available online and offline although we can€t yet reveal all the details at this time.

Finally, can we expect to see the game in playable form at E3 2006?

Maxime Béland: We will have a first peek at E3 with a demo played by the team. It will give a good sense of what we are trying to achieve with the final product.