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11-20-2007, 02:15 PM
Don't rant at me saying "AC doesn't have multiplayer and blah blah blah" this is only a fun idea that would be interesting if Ubi made something like this.

Rules There will be two teams. Brotherhood and Templars. There can be up to ten Templar and up to five Brotherhood per. team. There can be five Spectators per. game. Spectators take on the role as civilians/NPC civilians are still in affect same goes for guards. Spectators may not talk or attack/push any Brotherhood or Templars. The game would take place in one of the cities. Templars start out inside a garrison within the city and Brotherhood start out ontop of a Tower outside the city.
Objective Templars are to escort an NPC General to specific locations on the map and then out of the city past the Brotherhood starting location. Templar players are given these locations and can decided how they wish to escort the General to these locations EX. Someone might go to the locations and secure it while others stay with the General. Brotherhood players are not given the locations of where the General is headed and must find out the location themselves EX. You can easedrop on NPCs some might hint to where hes going, you can scan the city checking everywhere for him or you can stalk Templar players and see where there going. The objective of the Brotherhood is to kill the General and make it back to a safe point for a minute as in you can't have a Templar breathing down your throat to be considered alone even if he can't see you. The Generals patrol path is randomized every game and so is the Brotherhoods safe points. Templar can find the safe points by looking for the Brotherhood symbol which will be printed discretely on the safepoints
On the note of the Generals patrols he will visit numerous sites as to give the Brotherhood time to find them, the General will also show off to passing civilians slowing him down.
Templar Player Templar players will be stronger then Brotherhood players, they can order civilians around under certain circumstances. Templar players will have a bar at the bottom of there screen, this bar indicates there influence over the surrounding civilians. If the bar is at full civilians will take there orders without hesitation but as the bar decreases they'll have less and less control over civilians EX. A Templar player can order the civilians to make room for them, this means they can weed out a Brotherhood player who might not see whats going on and show that hes not really a civilian. They can order them to come to them, so if a Templar player is suspicious of someone he can order them to him and a Brotherhood player has to act quick as to not blow his cover. While a Templar is giving orders he cannot draw his sword so if he asks a Brotherhood to come to him and he does he'll have to wait before he can attack the man EX. A Templar orders a Brotherhood to come to him the player does and having the Templar off-guard uses the hidden blade on him. Templar influence bar will decreases when they issue an order and when they push someone, Templar can regain influence by either letting it regain by itself or slaying a civilian. Slaying a civilian will make the influence bar at max until you give your next order. If you kill to many civilians, NPC civilians will run away scared at the sight of you making it hard to spot out a Brotherhood.
Brotherhood Player Brotherhood players will be assassin's. In the tower they start out at there will be two outfits one of them is your normal Brotherhood gear the other is civilian clothing. In civilian clothing you can only use your hidden blade all other attack abilities are disabled. You can wear both at the same time but one will go over the other EX. You start out with your normal gear on if you pick civilian clothing it'll be put OVER your normal gear. You can take it off whenever you want but it'll attract attention and you can't pick it back up (The civilian clothing) Brotherhood players can take NPC or fallen Templar players gear either by taking it from them, stripping them or killing them. If you strip an NPC you'll gather attention and Templar players will have there map updated to where you are (This happens every time you commit a crime and someone knows its you who did it) you get off there map after everyone calms down. If you kill a player there will be a gash of blood or a tear on it alerting Templar players thats a Brotherhood, they'll have to look closely to see it though. If a Brotherhood takes a Templars gear they can still be recognized as Brotherhood EX. A well organized Templar team will know if one of there members is dead and will notice they have one extra men, they'll know that guy over there wasn't here before and know hes a Brotherhood or the team doesn't keep track and don't realize one of there buddies is playing on his second life AKA a Brotherhood. Brotherhood players can ease drop on Templar players to hear what there team is saying and can pretend to be civilians to lower the Templars guard EX. Pretend your running away from something get the Templars attention and while there checking what the commotion is all about you take em out silently. Brotherhood players will have the normal abilities as Altiar in the single-player mode AKA climbing jumping ect. while the Templar are less agile. The Brotherhood run at the same speed as the Templar do however for balance. Brotherhood players can respawn once unlike the Templar players who are converted into Spectators if they fall. If Brotherhood kills all Templar players but fail to kill the General they still lose EX. If the General gets to all his locations and out the city even though the Templar players all died the Templar will win.
Scoring System -1 point Commoner kill -2 point Merchant kill -3 point Noble/Guard kill(only for Templar) -5 point Team member/General kill(only for Templar) +1 point Guard kill(only for Brotherhood) +2 point Reveal Brotherhood(only for Templar EX. You discover someones a Brotherhood without him acting aggressively towards you) +3 point Find location of patrol(only for Brotherhood) +5 point Opposing Team kill +5 point General kill(only for Brotherhood) x2 point Win(only for Templar)

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I'm sorry I do this moments after I posted it, it was almost off the page and I spent QUIET a while writing it all I'm not gonna let it go lost.

11-20-2007, 02:27 PM
i quite like the idea actually, obviously there would need to be some tweaks to make it fully balanced. but ohter than that id definately play something like this

(i've always thought that multiplayer should be you and and friend able to freely run around the city and fight each other, etc, no actual missions to complete)

11-20-2007, 02:44 PM
I dont like this idea.. mostly because there have been like 20 other threads with the exact same idea.. Assassins Vs Guards (who has to escort a VIP)..
And the reason nobody have written in your thread is because its not interesting and original.. so please dont bump it.

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Originally posted by Crayfishy123:
(i've always thought that multiplayer should be you and and friend able to freely run around the city and fight each other, etc, no actual missions to complete) Well when I was thinking this up I was thinking this would be Live not really something you could do on the same TV. It'd require you not knowing what the other team is doing http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/88.gif I don't like free roam with a friend though because AC you can't really have split-screen and it'd be real easy to get lost from your friend heh

11-20-2007, 02:46 PM
bump, just to piss off movemeant http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

But seriously it's nice... but I'm not sure if it'd work in reality... http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/51.gif

11-20-2007, 02:47 PM
yea co-op would have to be live lol... i hate split screen. maybe a small marker could be placed over the other persons head so you can see where they are.

11-20-2007, 03:02 PM
Well, I like the thinking you did, it needs some fine-tuning and stuff, but hey, you're not takin' a 4/5 years to make this now are you...

don't worry about there not being MP in AC... the first SC had no MP whatsoever, and the SC:CT is still the best Co-op game I've played... so, the non-existence of MP could stop from AC2...