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11-27-2010, 11:06 PM
Alright, Brotherhood is an awesome game it takes everything from AC and ACII and makes a great mash-up of all that is Assassins. On the other hand I had a few gripes that I just couldn't wrap my head around as to why this happened

1. Sequence Time Stamps: In ACII we had these stamps at the beginning of each sequence to tell us where we were and what year it was. AC:B does this in the first two memories and then not again until Sequence 8, now this upset me. I had no idea what year it was until I went to look at the portrait of Juan Borgia after I killed him. I was like "It's 1503 already, wasn't it just 1500?" When Sequence 8 comes along we get 3 stamps in a row, what happened Ubisoft?

2. Sequence 8 Itself: Using the Apple of Eden is great and all but why so much of a rush for these last memories? I sped through 5 months in about 20 minutes? Couldn't you guys have made it a bit beefier, a little investigation rather than "Hey Alviano/Maria, tell me **** and I'll go kill some Templars". Memories 1-3 were awesome but 4-6 were pathetic,

3. Feathers: Ubi you seemed to have gone back on your word after ACII. Before ACII came out you said you'd no longer have collectibles without rewards. Where is my reward for feathers?

4. Capes: Does anyone else feel as though Ubi dropped the ball when it comes to capes. The outfits are all awesome and I change them up frequently, but since when does the Auditore cape give us incog status? I would've much more preferred
Full Notoriety: Auditore (for 100% Rome)
Incognito: Borgia (for Flags)
or even
Incog: Roman symbol cape (for 100% Rome) and Borgia (for Flags)
Full Notoriety: Auditore (for feathers)

Here is my DLC idea and I think it'd be a cool pack, I'd pay for it.

Disguise/Assassins Cape Outfit Pack
This Add-on includes
Borgia Captain Disguise (The Banker Seqeunce)
French Captain Disguise (Baron Sequence)
Roman Centurion Disguise (Micheletto Sequence)
Assassin Guild Cape (I think they should make a cape with a sort of stylized Assassins symbol and give it to us as a reward for 10 feathers)

What do you guys think? Agree? Disagree?

11-28-2010, 12:15 AM
I agree with every point you have. According to Project Legacy Ezio first began building the brotherhood in 1501. That means that the 3 memories from recruiting your assassins to where you begin looking for Juan Borgia have actually been 2 years. To make matters even worse, the Doctor and the Noble were both alive by 1503 so that would mean that Ezio spent 2 years between recruiting his assassins and killing the Noble/Doctor.

I also agree with your analysis on Sequence 8. The first 3 missions were exciting and awesome while the final 3 really showed to effects of having such a short development cycle. It was literally impossible to refuse to partake in those missions, it was just a one-way ride to the games ending. No recon, no investigation, no side missions, no managing the assassin guild, nothing. Especially at the beginning of Sequence 9 when nearly 4 years had passed, Ezio had traveled the continent with the apple for four years, and there's no mention of it anywhere.

As for the feathers, I was more dissapointed by the fact that the feathers had no in-game value than a reward. In AC 2 I didn't hunt the feathers for the dull and useless cape, I hunted them because I wanted my villa to be 100% renovated. In ACB they had no value in any way or form and there was literally no reason to hunt them other than to see the diamond in the DNA screen full. The same goes for the paintings.

Personally I would prefer more story missions than costumes, but if I can't get the latter then the idea of watching Ezio do parkour in the Centurion armor is pretty entertaining.

*Girl looks up*
Girl: Daddy, what's that thing between that man's legs?

11-28-2010, 10:19 AM
So what types of single player DLC would you like to see? I'm hoping for extra missions to fill in these gaps somehow. Throw in some extra conspiracies. The only problem is we didn't have any sequence gaps like ACII.

11-28-2010, 10:41 AM
Agree 100%

I've wanted an Assassin's cape since AC2 and was dissapointed that Brotherhood had 2 incognito capes

I wonder what they were thinking?

"Hey let's give this cape the incognito ability!"

"But don't we already have one that does that?"

"Yeah, but this one looks cooler!!"

"Should we change the other one then?"

"But, it's already programed and everything..."

11-28-2010, 11:11 AM
I want Desmond dlc that restores the ability to leave animus...

11-28-2010, 03:18 PM
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