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09-14-2007, 11:37 AM
Ok, to say it clearly now; the demo for Harry Potter V is now in psn and I just played it and this game is so crippled like the complete cast of the paraolympics. But one thing bothers me, Spiderman 3for the ps3, Harry V, Marvel ultimate alliance and splinter cell double agent (I know it rocks on 360) have the same problem: THEY ARE AS BAD AS THE OLD GEN VERSIONS!
We all know that it is all about money and contracts with who and when, but I never expected games on next gen to be BAD on PORPUSE
example, I had a lot of fun with harry potter III on the ps2 (yes the 4th one was bad) and now the ps3 version of the 5th is not that good, in fact it is just the HD that makes the difference from the ps2 version
and with spider-man 3 I think as well, the ps2 game sm2 was really good, it also had some things where the developers had no more time in the mini game arena (calypso and the lizzard are enemies in the arena) and the ps3 version had some really good things but some bad stuff as well, like the camera problems were even worse or the swinging got kinda ....well it is not as good as in the previous one.
And in the ps2 version there were only 2 reasons to buy it, the storylines morbius and shriek and the fact that you might have no ps3.
But I think the developers are FORCED to let a game on next gen look worse than it can be just to give better sells on old gen.
Somehow this sounds ridicolous, but it is my only explanation, because the developers had enough time (it is not like Gun for 360 or nfs on ps3 or yes marvel ultimate alliance, where you have the problem that developers are not used to the new console) to let the game be as good as expected.
So I just wanna here your opinions about that

09-14-2007, 11:49 AM
what your talking about is the learning curve we are all facing, i am in the gaming industry....

building resources, caches, animations, for every new tool we have, we have to invinte "digital thumbs" if you will to properly use them, and sometimes you find out that your newly evolved "opposable digit" is not what you wanted...its trail and error, you have to remember that gaming consoles even PC's are basically software, when there is new abilities, you dont start doing backflips right away, you learn to do a summersault....do you get the metaphor...

just as with snes and ps1 to ps2, there are the studios who will fill the void, the need for games in the immediate time after launch of a console, using stapled gameplay elements that they know will work for them, and will garner some market, will get people playing the console....just like when cod2 came for xbox360, that looks worse than source running on like dx7...or you had games like goldeneye whihc completly transmutes what a video game can be, and creates a whole new genre....

what you need now is patience, sure there will be a ton of studios doing the same old thing, with better graphics, some games that come to mind are games like MGS 4, its gonna look beatifull, but the gameplay elements will be the same.....what makes me smile is how many big money studios are trying to reinvigorate the video game, and what is known to be involved with one....games like assassins creed, which has a rather thick plot, almost resembling a political thriller in its 3rd act, or games like portal, which are bringing metaphysical theories and dynamics to the source engine....more importantly the engines being made...are amazing, the source engine and HDR even the hydro engine, building a dynamic skybox around a singualrity whihc represents the sun, and that whihc lights the whole area map or level...

i do however, see your point...there is quite a pist of moment when you realize that all the games available on the ps3 are mianly ports.....heavenly sowrd however, is in my opinion the first good worthwhile next gen game for ps3, you ave to understand that gamers are becoming more demanding, sure you have the majority who just want to play some game,or pwn a n00b, but the cult gamers want something that feels like art, or a movie or immerse them so deeply they have a problem separating the characters struggles from their own. character's are becoming more human, and with the advent of freeform dynamic choice driven story lines, not just in PRG, but in linear action....is changing the meaning of the word linear and mission as far as games go....

so all in all be patient.