View Full Version : Sound Problems after 4.01m patch.

08-06-2005, 11:04 PM
OK lets start by saying I have searched high and wide in the forums and on the web for a solution to the problem I have and none of the suggestions I have found have fixed it.

Basically after I installed the 4.01m patch my sound has gone to pot. Example, when you click a button in the GUI you used to get one solid clicking noise now I get 3 rapidly repeating clicks. If the was it I wouldn't mind but in games all the voices are stuttering and echoed plus there is a constant static background which has an annoyong repeat cycle plus the guns sound pathetic.

Now I've tried all the sound settings both in game and in the setup programme. I've used all the hardware accelleration settings under windows audio control panel. I've run the game windowed, full screen, with directx and opengl. I've deleted and reinstalled the game and finally today I bought a brand new Audigy2 sound card to replace the onboard AC97 I had before. But enen that didn't fix it.

I've pulled out all of my hair but just can't fix this. No other game has problems in fact the new card kicks ****.

I don't like bothering all you guys but has anybody ever come across this problem and managed to fix it. I would be forever in your debt. Thanks to everyone who replays in advance.

PS: I even tried installing the latest java runtimes, nada!

08-07-2005, 01:23 AM
Finally figured it out with some help from the boys at Kiwisim forums.

I went into dxdiag and played around with the hardware accelaration settings for the audigy2 (the default device) under the "sound 1" tab. This didn't do anything so I went to the "sound 2" tab which lists the device as "modem #0 playback" and moved the accelartion slider to full (it was on none).

Waddaya know, sound back to normal. Not sure what I really did since the only modem I have is an internal adsl modem but it worked and thats all that mattered.

Thanks to all that helped. See you in the Skies.