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02-10-2007, 07:01 AM

reading the complaints of some people, that RS:Vegas is to easy in realistic mode, I want to show you my Real "Mod". Actually its nothing but a changed KellerWeapons.ini. But it makes the game way more deadly, for you and the Tangos. It will happen quite often that youre killed by the first shot but also you will be able to hit more precise.
Here a little list of the things I changend:
- Improved Pistoldamage on short distances by 10
- Decreased Pistoldamage on long distances by 5
- Pistols BaseAccuracy raised by 20 Points (for balancing reasons i raised the USPs Accuracy by 30 Points)
- Pistoles InitalBulletSpread reduced by 200. (Headshots are now way more easy to perfom)
- Supresser Damage Modifier on Assault Rifles Reduced to 0.4 for Balancing Reasons and considering the fact that the acutal Bullets do lose a lot of Energy using a supresser. On Short Distances it is way smarter to use a submachinegun anyway
- Assault Rifles Base Accuracy Raised by 15
- AR's InitalBulletSpread decreased by 30 (not it is possible to use Single Shot effectivly
- G3's Damage raised by 10 (because of 7,62mm Ammunition), mag size reduced to realistic 20 Bullets, No Sound Suporesser Possible anymore
- Some more little Balancing Mods

This is Ver 0.2 of the Mod and i am still open for new suggestions.

BTW: I KNOW that this is not a real mod, or that it isnt a lot of work to apply this changes. But somebody had to do it. Without the Mod Vegas is (IMHO) pretty boring...

...the next thing that should be modded are the maps. The look nice ok... But there is always just one or two ways to go. I want the old Rouge Spear Style where i can take any entry point I want!

02-10-2007, 08:26 AM
Thats not punkbuster-accepted is it?

I guess for those that only play coop and coop terrorist hunt, it's a good idea. Though I think me being more accurate is greater than my enemies being more accurate.

02-10-2007, 03:38 PM
i made a very elaborated mode in which i made SMGs accuracy as well as pistol's a lot worse while making AR's recoil worse.
this gives more meaning to the differences between ARs and SMGs. i actually changed almost every weapon in the game to make sure almost every gun has a meaning. it took me 2 weeks to balance.
it's not good for MP but for co-op or TH it's a different experience, now that u can't snipe with san SMG and it's harder to control ARs.

i guess that PB will kick players using my or your mode but where PB is off - it wont be detected. however in adverserials this might not be fair.
but i know your mod was meant for the campaign.

02-11-2007, 09:53 AM
True, it written for Coop Games or SP, but anyhow if you try to use it one a punkbuster server you'll get kicked. But as a matter of fact i made the experience, that you are forced to use the server's inis in Multiplayer anyhow. So even with punkbust you shouldn't have any problems. But i really didnt tested that yet because right now i really don't like the MP Mode that much.

You right about the AR recoil. I probably should higher that too. But i wouldn't decrease the Pistols Accuracy because i think they are useless otherwise and its almost impossible to sharpshoot with them anyhow.