View Full Version : The Mysterious , Infuriating B25 Speedometer!

04-26-2011, 03:58 PM
Im sure im not the only level bombing guy who's wondered what the heck is the story with the calibration /markings on this .Crash Moses excellent Precision Ordnance Delivery Guide over at mission4today.com is the only place as far as I can see on the whole interweb that sets it straight .Its split in 4mph (yeah FOUR !!!Yanks ,huh!? :-) )gaps between 160 and 200mph .Between 100 and 160 its in 10 mph gaps by the way .Now try 170mph IAS /200mph TAS @35 degrees at 14000ft and youll be a killer !Alternatively the same speed at 9000ft and 40 degrees is strangely equally effective .
If youre a blue bomber the Ju88 with 4x500kg loadout at 4km alt , a whisker short of 300kmh IAS and 34 degrees is also gonna hit the pickle barrel everytime !