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12-11-2011, 04:19 AM
There are so many things wrong with the Multiplayer in Revelations it's quite sad to think that this game is branded with the Assassins Creed logo. The majority of which effect the gameplay.

I'll start with minor things, Such as a player leaving mid-game will reset all contracts with this person as the target understandable but it leads onto my next point.

The time it takes to pick a contract is stupidly long, In the time it took me to get a contract i was killed Twice and i lost the match it's minor but still effects the game massively.

Now for slightly more Major points

After an enemy player triggered a chase with me i decided to run through some chase breakers, Instead of closing and locking him out he just assassinated me through it with the chase kill. I mean really? It seems like such a simple thing to spot.

On the topic of through walls I'll carry on, In some places it is possible to assassinate through walls i don't know how s/he did it and i don't care i don't need to use exploits to get my kills, I suspect it's something to do with camera angle and placement.

On several occasions i have been able to lock onto people through a wall if they ran from my line of sight to behind a wall, Only for a short time but it still makes 0 sense.

Mute's Description is "Prevents all the Templars around you from performing KILLS and STUNS, or using their ABILITIES." on several occasions that i have used mute the player was still able to stun or kill me but on other occasions it was fine, This seems to be completely on and off.

When a player joins a Deathmatch late, even about 30 seconds, I've noticed that all of the people that look like them remain, Was it intentional to allow them to catch up? Or perhaps the fact it will look stupid if they all disappear? I'm fairly sure the players that waited don't care for either

Smoke bomb is supposed to stop Templars from doing anything yet i have deployed me smoke bomb and have still been killed or stunned, It's bad enough it's delayed and can still deploy during a kill and waste it completely

On some cases my tripwire bomb has been triggered but hasn't stunned the pursuer because he was able to walk out of range before it took effect.

But the most annoying thing of all is a laggy player, I got him as my target and for starters i couldn't even catch him, when i am in range he'd teleport elsewhere and when he does come in range it would play the Stun animation smoothly then he'd be gone right after but i still have him as my contract. If someone is this laggy they should be removed regardless.

Now for things i feel that shouldn't have been put in at all

I see a game of slow pace and high perception when i first start, But now i can tell it's just a "Find target, Mash button" game, I'm not supposed to know who my perusers are so why when they are in range throw a massive "STUN THEM NOW!" sign in my face? I can perfectly see perusers by the way they walk and i can check without the use of abilities, I don't need this extra which is to help the brain dead

The delay on a smoke bomb, Taking into account an unmodified Cooldown Range and Duration it's not even that good to start with and when the delay has a chance to waste it it's really annoying.

If a player can go on a stunning spree and not be penalised why is it i can't go on a killing spree without losing contracts? Make them lose points, Make the civilian turn around and stun them instead after 2 consecutive stuns.

Some of the maps give the less skilled players the option to Camp on roofs, There is no counter to this apart from the hidden gun, I feel I shouldn't have to swap out an ability to kill people that can't play properly.

Hot pursuit, While it is a good ability there is no real counter to it apart from Chase breakers, I feel like Fast Getaway should do the opposite the Hot Pursuit and make you run away faster.

Bodyguard in some cases is completely useless, It wanders around aimlessly and you pursuer just kills you with no real threat from it.

What is the point of poison? If people can stun you stupidly easily before you can even get in range why is it even there? (Excluding the Poison Smoke Bomb combo I'm talking about players who can actually play)

12-11-2011, 01:44 PM
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