View Full Version : BoE update?

07-20-2005, 12:28 PM
I downloaded the RAF update a while back. That said, I wasn't smart enough to save to a CD-RW.

Well, I reinstalled BoE, scrolled over to Justflight, checked the Free downloades section, but couldn't find it there.

Basicaly, I was hoping that one of you good souls could give me a linky to the thing a migig. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif

07-20-2005, 12:30 PM

(Scroll down, you'll find them under Game Updates)

07-20-2005, 03:05 PM
Thank you muchly Trottel.

I was at this sight earlier, but I didn't see the RAF update lol.

I'm guessing that they changed the name to AEP update. Anyway, I have the AEP update and about to download the PF update.