View Full Version : New Release of Scorched Earth Online War System

11-06-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi Guys,

The SEOW Developers have just released a new version of the Scorched Earth Online War system for IL2+FB+PF. SEOW now supports 21 different sectors, the newest being Iwo Jima.

There are some nice new features:

*) A full-strength ground movement processor that generates road routes similar to or better than FMB. This automatically brings bridge destruction into play. Coupled with bridge-repairing engineer units, SEOW now boasts a truly realistic ground transportation model.

*) Captured pilot interrogation option. Captured pilots may be subject to interrogation. If they yield, then they give up recon information on their home bases.

*) Aircraft skin support option. Now you can load campaigns with pre-defined skins for greater visual immersion.

*) Improved urban destruction logic. Watch your cities and villages crumble mission by mission as they see continued fighting.

For more information, check out the SEOW Home Page (http://seow.sourceforge.net/) or visit the Scorched Earth Forums at RAF74 (http://www.aircombat.net/phpBB2/index.php).