View Full Version : Ha-45/21 vs. Homare 21

12-18-2006, 04:01 AM
Yesterday I flew the 1st COOP with the 4.07m with my squad. There was a CAP to fly with N1K2-Ja from Kyushu. Up to 9000ft as common with the Ha-45/21 (Homare 21)the supercharger had to be set on stage 2, so far so good. But after we had to reduce mixture as with engines like the Sakae 12.

Knowing the Ha.45/21 had automatic mixture control (and even automatic water/methanol injection @125mm in RL(not in game)) we had to adjust mixture for the Homare 21 as we gained altitude. Does someone knows about RL differences on that aspect of either Ha45/21 or Homare 21??