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02-06-2010, 06:42 PM
The difficulty setting is to high for my old(73)hands. The game is great for keeping my mental acuity. But I have not been able to get all the way around the room. After a 1/2 hour or so my hands don't move so will. How about a disconnect from the clock or save so you don't have start over if you splash. 60% of the time my man jumps back and dives into the water. I wonder if their are any other players in my age group with this problem? Or is it my controller?


02-06-2010, 10:24 PM
Just in case you didn't know: You can abort the current memory/tomb if you find it too hard. You won't get the armor of Altair, but it isn't required to finish the storyline. To abort the memory, access the main menu, then you'll see the "Abort Memory" button near the top.

To do the special wall jumps you have to be prepared both physically and mentally since you'll need to perform them immediately after running up the wall.

First, run up the wall (Hold R1 and hold the joystick forward, then press X). Once Ezio starts running up the wall, you should've already released all these buttons (don't hold R1). Then quickly move the joystick to the direction you want to jump (either left or right) and press the jump button (X) at the same time. You only need to use two buttons.

The controls are pretty sensitive; so if you even move the joystick back by a little bit Ezio will jump backwards instead of to the right. And sometimes I forget that I'm still holding the R1 button when I press the X button and accidentally jump backwards into the water.

I think the trickiest jump in Visitazione's tomb is the one where you have to run up the statue's shield. If this is the one impeding your progress, then you'll want to tae your time and just slowly walk to the shield first before performing the special wall jump.

02-07-2010, 07:58 AM
Ureh gave you some marvelous advice up there, I'll add just a little bit.

Treat every time you have to jump off a wall as a two part exercise.

Part one - The run up the wall. Hold the Left Stick towards the wall and the High Profile (PS3-R1\XBox-LeftTrigger) button. Press and hold the Legs (PS3-X\Xbox-A) button to jump onto the wall and start running up.

When Ezio is at the top of his run (he will run up to a certain level then drop back down), let go of all the buttons. Do it a few times so that you can see what he does and how to time it. Practice makes for an easier run.

Part two - The directional jump. When Ezio is at the top of his wall run, let go of all the buttons. Turn the Left Stick in the direction you want him to jump first, then hit the Legs Button. You have to be quick with the Legs Button, but it doesn't have to be pressed precisely at the same time you direct Ezio to jump with the Left Stick. There is some grace period.

Ureh is right on the sensitivity of the controls. An easy way to confirm what your hand is doing with the Left Stick is to simply look at the controller while you're playing. I've caught myself with my finger in a wrong position more than once, although I was sure that it was placed where it was supposed to be. Also, as silly as it may sound, try not sitting at an angle to the TV when you play the game - it can, at times, screw up your perception of direction.

Agreeing with Ureh again - the part where you run up a statue's shield can be a bit tricky. The angle of the camera goes into a really narrow lock there, and so does Ezio's movement. This is one part of the tomb where walking up slowly really pays off later.

My own piece of advice - take your time and practice this tomb in parts. Get the first wall jump down pat so that you can perform it without trouble, then move on to the next one. You'll get to the end that way.

Don't get frustrated. This tomb is a challenge to people of all ages.