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An article of the Ground Crew Life with 92 Squadron RAF.

Photographs from the albums of Eric Barnes and Bob Baldry.

Quote... My father, Eric Barnes, joined the RAF on 12th July 1938 and was transferred from 19 Squadron to 92 Squadron on the latter's reformation in October 1939. The squadron moved to the Middle East in February 1942. From the Western Desert, 92 took part in the push up through Italy in 1943 and 1944. My father missed his part in the battle of El Alamein as he was recovering in hospital in Heliopolis from the loss of a finger sustained during an earlier attack on the squadon's base. He remained with 92 Squadron for the duration of the war until December 1945, and left the RAF in July 1950. He died in 1993.

Link: http://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/djb/92squadron/

Hurricane of 80 Squadron (person unknown). Taken while Eric Barnes was on temporary detachment at LG 92 in June-July 1942, pending 92 Squadron becoming operational.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/Trop of Uffz. Horst Schlick, JG77 (source David Weiss)

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A Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 in 92 Squadron markings

On 10 October 1939, No 92 reformed at Tangmere and received Blenheims. In March 1940, these were replaced by Spitfires which became operational on 9 May and flew patrols over France during May and June before being sent to South Wales for defensive duties. In September it was transferred to No 11 Group for the final phase of the Battle of Britain beginning offensive operations at the end of the yaer. Moving to Lincolnshire in October 1941, No. 92 left for the Middle East in February 1942, but lack of aircraft had delegated the Squadron to maintenance duties. In August, Spitfires arrived and were used for fighter sweeps and bomber escort missions before No. 92 moved to Tunisia and then on to Malta in June 1943. After moving in to captured airfields in Sicily the Squadron moved on to Italy in September 1943, where it became a fighter-bomber unit in July 1944 for the rest of the war. The Squadron disbanded in Austria on 30 December 1946.

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Thank's... Found the photo's of camp life of the airfields Very interesting and not much covered in other articles or etc.

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