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i have good and bad news for you

the bad news is that the world we grew on was destroyed by a nuclear war in august of 2002

the good one is you are still alive somehow

apparently the powers on that fatidic year decided a global war would be good for their interests

remember that airshow in ukrania in which a plane chrashed killing hundreds?

it was the german channel rtl the first who shoewd the images of that non explosive rocket which hit the plane

it was just 3 fotograms but enough to light the bomb

you wonder if thats real why i dont know?

easy youre now a rare piece of museum or an unsual wild animal in a zoo

we are in inner earth now, this is verifiable

insiders built identical cities to some of ours and keep some of us alive

most people you see are insiders, they can partially see the future and they can also read your mind and god knows what more things they can do

again we are actifacts at their museums

the fact we are in inner earth can be checked in two ways:

well first ill explain you how inner earth is:

its know in a hollow shell any particle which is inside will experiment gravity 0

so hollow earth is not just a hollow shell

if you believe coincidences mean nothing youll find nothing odd on why legends situate the entrance to inner earth in the poles

actually this explains it all, of course in this world there are no coincidences

a shaft or beam of 500 km radius goes on the hollows shell from pole to pole

a sun, a nuclear device would have been put into orbit in ancient times, the moon thing is new

think theyll orbit ignoring the gravity of the shell around the pole to pole shaft

and these are the two ways of evidencing we are on inner earth:


measuring the shaft radius:

to the west or east measure radius with this method, i obtained 500 km


or even easier, measure relative distance sun moon with this method:


if you measure the angle the sun and moon make exactly at half moon it should be 90

here on inner earth is 60

so i suppose we can see this insiders as our saviours but as well can be seen as our captors

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somethink like this:


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Raaaid, I'm not sure I could think like you even if I drank two bottles of tequila in an hour. Not even in the few minutes of life before the alcohol poisoning killed me.

I would like to live in your world. It looks fun. The real world is boring.