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07-11-2011, 08:15 AM
Hey everyone, I have some idea's and improvements on the range weapons for Assassin's Creed Revelations. They are a very importent part of combat as there are already 4 types of rage weapons ( crossbow, throwing knives, poison darts, and the hidden gun)

1. They should add actual health to the guards, rather than if you shoot them once ( even if it hits their hand) they die. i was thinking that maybe brutes could have like 4 shots needed to kill them, 3 shots for the spear guards (seekers), 2 for the regular guards and 1 for agiles and archers. ( plus this will add more value to the gudden gun as it will kill anyone in 1 go. ( iv heard complaints that the hidden gun is useless when u get the crossbow) ( keep in mind that poison darts are just as stealth)

2. Aiming is good in the game but i think they should make it a bit more like Grand theft Auto. You lock on your target and wait as your accuracy increases and when its full you should be able to his spesific parts of your target by aiming yourself. so if you want to stop somebody from chasing you, you can shoot their leg, or if you want to kill a brute in 1 go, shoot him in the head

3. Make sure guards dont die when the shots hit their arm or something, ( i mean we see Ezio in the trailer for Relevations getting shot by an arrow but he doesn't die seconds after because it hit a non fatal place. i think they should add values to the guards body parts, so if i hit the guards arm they shouldn't be able to use it but still should be able to fight me or run away, not die...

Please share your idea's on Range Weapons below.

07-11-2011, 08:26 AM
1. Wait... you'd need 4 shots with a crossbow to kill a brute while you only need one with the hidden gun? That would most definitely be unreal or such. The crossbow is more powerful than the gun. You know, we're talking about a small gun that fits into a bracer and shoots small iron bullets and a crossbow with over 20" width and arrows. Plus the game's set in the 16th century. If the gun doesn't need at least 3/4 shoots of a crossbow I'll go hang someone.

2. I voted yes, but I'm not quite sure. If the developers make it properly, yes.

3. If the guards are unable to fight/run when hit in the arm/leg, yes. And Ezio didn't die because the arrow hit his shoulder guard...

07-11-2011, 08:43 AM
yea i know that it isn't historically accurate that guns were stronger than crossbows but Altair made it so it might be different, the franchise has already shown the hidden gun to be ''stronger'' than the crossbow as it takes a bunch of crossbow shots to kill the borgia captains but only 1 shot from the hidden gun...

07-11-2011, 09:03 AM
yes to all of ur ideas, honestly it would make the game harder. and i've had the idea and stated that we should shoot guards in the arms and legs so it would make them drop their weapon or stop them from running.

it would be cool if there was coop and with this idea if we were shot in the leg our teammate would have to help us get to a doctor. but it would suck if it happened a lot hah

07-11-2011, 02:13 PM
Yes on the first option very much, it`d make people use the gun again as the crossbow imo was very overpowered in Brotherhood and I personally never used the gun because the crossbow was just as strong and didn`t attract attention.

07-12-2011, 05:51 AM
1. crossbow is supposed to be instant kill stealth weapon, so it wouldn't make sense if you get detected because you didn't one shot kill target, for that there are already throwing knives with them you can instant kill guards with the lowest health but for others you need to throw 2 knives, poisont darts are stealthy but it takes some time for target do die they are better used for distraction and crossbow is instant kill

2.why aim yourself? to shoot yourself?

3.in ac you can't aim manually so you can't really shot guard in foot or arm, for this whole aiming system would have to be changed and only way it could be done is to aim like in shooter games or in oblivion with bow and i don't see how it could be done in assassins creed