View Full Version : Tracks of Flying Tiger action needed!

06-14-2005, 01:53 AM
Hey guys,

I need edited tracks (ones with the views edited to look like the ones that come with the game) of the Flying Tigers doing their thing for a presentation I'm giving of the Flying Tigers--I'm using PF's track player as a backdrop.

Here's what I need in a nutshell: Hawk 81-A2s vs early war Japanese aircraft, over Pacific maps (the really mountainous online map is ok, too). Custom skins on the Tigers PLEASE! On the IJN/IJAAF planes, not important (but nice to have). Also throw in a few views from the cockpit of the P-40s (quick views from the cockpit while flying in formation, diving on an enemy, maneuvering in combat, firing, etc).

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(sorry to post this in more than one place, mods; not everybody reads every forum)