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09-21-2010, 03:39 AM
Hi guys. I want to promote a new server. WarBirds IL2 Server

Server Adress:

Up2.01 + WarBirds1.3

Mod Download + Pilot Registration + Server Stats
[Removed Link]

Server's description:
Gameplay follows the ideas of the WarBirds FreeHost arena:

1) The main goal is complete capture of enemy's territories;

2) Territory can only be captured through 'closing' and subsequent 'capturing' of an airfield. Currently controlled territories are reflected by the frontline dividing both parties. Capturing of an airfield pushes the frontline towards the enemy.

3) When all airfields are captured and the enemy is left effectively without any ground - the map is considered won by the other side and automatically reset to the original state with each side controlling equal number of airfields.

4) To close an airfield at least 90% of its 'active objects' must be in any way destroyed. Exact list of the objects cannot be seen, however the total number of objects, number of those remaining intact, and number required to close a field can be seen through >field f<xx> console command. When an airfield is CLOSED you will get a message stating which field has been closed. Planes cannot take off from a CLOSED airfield.

3) A destroyed object on a field will be repaired and become active again (re-spawn, 'reup') in 2000 seconds after its destruction. When enough objects has been repaired to get the number of objects intact higher than 10% - the field OPENS back (you will again get a message) and you will be able to take-off from it again.

4) A closed airfield capture is performed by paratroopers dropped from a transport plane (Ju-52, C-47, Li-2). A capture is considered to be successful if at least 12 troopers have safely made it to the ground: at the moment troopers run 10-20 meters after landing and 'hide in the grass' (drop to the ground), only afterwards they are counted as 'landed safely'. Notice that it is not needed that all the troops are droped from one plane - the server keeps the count of the landed troopers, so troopers from another transport(s) can add up the total number to 12. This number is reset to 0 if the field re-OPENS.

5) After an airfield is captured it changes its color, list of available planes (according to its new side) and pushes the frontline towards the enemy. The field, however, will remain CLOSED while its number of active objects is below 10%. Notice that an just captured airfield that is still CLOSED cannot be re-captured back by dropping troopers. To be captured back the field needs to OPEN and be CLOSED again.

6) To increase of air battles intensity radars have been introduced into the game. Radars' range can be seen on the map as colored circles. Each airfield has its own radar. If a radar is destroyed its circle turns white. You will see enemy and friendly planes in air as coloured crosses when those planes are in range (inside the circle) of any friendly radar. If a plane is NOT shown by radars, then this plane is either: outside radars' radius, its altitude is lower than 100 metres or higher than 5000 meters, the plane is obscured from the particular radar's line-of-sight by terrain elevations (hills, mountains etc.) or the radar is destroyed. Radars are ONLY available in briefing, you will not see them in flight.

7) Fleet of flyable planes changes as the game time progresses (Rolling Plane Set) to reflect their historical availability. Current date can be seen using >tod command.

The game events is simulated to take place between September 1939 and January 1946. Each month of the battle lasts approximately 3 real-time days.

9) The passage of time in the game is acccelerated 6 times of the original, so the daytime from dawn to dusk lasts approximately 4 hours (depending on the server preferences). There is no night: the sun will instantly 'jump' to sunrise as soon as it sets and the new game-day begins.

10) There are additional commands available to the user:
>field shows the current status of fields
>tod shows the current in-game time and date

09-21-2010, 10:01 AM
Awesome!! Glad to see new servers coming online. Ill definitely check it out when i have time. What exactly is included with the mod?

11-12-2010, 07:17 PM
Wersion Update 1.3 new features
[Removed Link]

1. New chat command field with mor info about killed objects on field.
Type in chat <field for help
<field f1 - info about f1
<field a1 - info about aqua site for f1
<field CV-1 - info about CV

On ground fields this command will show killed objects sorted
from minmal respawn time to maximum.

On ships this command shows level of damage of the ship.

2. Mor safe for bombers. Now Bombers cant killed by
collision with enemy fighter. In previous versions
this not worked with explosions. Now if fighter is
explosing, the bomber will untouched.

3. Ships can be more hardness.

For server:
In mis file

# 100% is default value, like in original game
# 200 - is mean that CV will 2 times harder
# the value is 1% - 10000%

4. CargoA is now repairs destroyed objects.
If you drops CargoA it will reduce respawn time of destroyed objects
in radius.

For server:
In mis file

# CargoARepairTime - time in secs, on this time will
# be reduced respawn time of objects
# can be 0 - 100000 sec

# In this radius will be repaired objects
# Default is 1500m

5. add 2x new Plane

Bf109T up CV
C47c up aqua field

04-09-2011, 03:19 AM
Server Reopen all welcome