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11-29-2010, 08:26 AM

ok so i was gone from the forum for 2 weeks or so because i just got the game on saturday and didnt want anything spoiled for me, but now that im back i have some questions.

at the very end of the game when desmond picks up the apple the one who came before starts talking to him. from what i read in another thread she says that he must find eve. i cant acctually remember hearing this part so i want to know what she acctually says and why he stabbed lucy.

when you are doing the sequences with Ezio i expected to be pulled from the animus to do some things with desmond, but that didnt happen till the very end and now that its over you cant leave the animus to explore the villa. so what happens when you leave the animus and am i going to have to play the entire game again to experience this or can i just go back to a later sequence select to play it again then leave the animus?

are there any more represed memories besides the ones the girl from florence (catarina?) and are the three with her the only three to do with her?

in each guilds hideout (assassins, theif, mercenary, corteasan) there is a list of achievments and it says something about a rank. once you beat those achievments do you go up a rank and have to do more achievments?

is the PS3 exlusive missions already in the game or do i have to go to PS store to download them?

when calling in assassins for a fight how does it choose what assassins come to assist?

so basicly i just played this game only doing the core missions and ignoring most of the other stuff till after i beat the story and its sort of left some gaps which im sure you can awnser. i understand that some of these questions wont have awnsers (like the first one) but just awnser it as best you can.

11-29-2010, 02:05 PM
1. Leaving the animus allowed you to find some artefacts (they don't do anything), exchange witty banter with your three helpers, and read your emails. Nothing too exciting, just fan service. Unfortunately, to leave again you must restart the game.

2. The CRISTINA memories are the only repressed memories, but I believe there are five of them. One of when he meets her, one of when they get his family's bodies, one of when he saves Manfredo, one of where he finds her in Venice, and one of when she is kidnapped in Bonfire of the Vanities (Florence)

3. Those are all the guild achievements. Your rank depends on how many you have done.

4. You have to download from the PS store

5. It automatically chooses your two best assassins available.