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06-17-2007, 08:46 AM
PapaG39 posted the following over at the SW boards and it might be of use/interest to our iL2 friends who use that joystick.


This is some CH Fighterstick info that I have researched & thought it might be helpful to other CH Fighterstick owners.

According to the advertizement on the CH site for the Fighterstick it says that the stick has:

"Dual rotary trim wheels for precise adjustment of ailerons and elevators"

CH Tech Support Revvin has stated in a post:
"The two wheels to the right and bottom of the base are mechanical trim wheels and physically move the potentiometers in the stick. Those wheels are used to aid calibration and moving them whilst playing *may* throw your calibration out of whack. The wheel on the left side of the base is a separate completely programmable axis and can be used for whatever you want, analogue throttle, trim etc or send digital keystokes".

O.K. If there are two (dual) wheels for Ailerons and Elevators then which two wheels can I use without messing up my calibration?

CH Tech support Bob Church further explaned:

The "dual" means "one for elevator and one for ailerons", there's only one for each axis. You should really just center them, calibrate the stick, and leave them alone. They were very useful back in DOS days when you were lucky if you even got aileron and elevator support in a sim, nevermind trim, but most of todays sims have some form of in-game trim that works much better. Also, I would take Revvins statement one step further, they *will* throw it out of calibration (until you move it back to exactly the same point at which it was originally set), and if the trim wheels aren't essentially centered when you calibrate the stick you can end up with an assymetric response, more sensitive one side of center than the other, which can make precision control very difficult.

>> Another Question while I have your attention...lol..

that little tiny joystick looken thingie on the Pro throttle...Just what can that be used for in il2 or any other game for that matter?

It's just seen as the X and Y axes on a joystick. It doesn't work directly for trimming things, setting prop pitch, etc. since it always pops back to center when you let go of it and the effect goes back to zero. You could set up a script in Ch Control Manager to get it treated as a four way hat, just use the buttons. Whether the axes themselves have any direct use in IL-2 I don't really know. Probably the most common usage is to assign it to Mouse X and Mouse Y. The "Mouse" device is on the right hand page where you normally "CM Device 1", "CM Device 2", etc. It's down below "CM Device 16". Set that to "Mouse" for both the X and Y axes on the ProThrottle, it will act like another mouse. That's probably the greatest use of it in general. Maybe some of the IL-2 fans have some other suggestions and can do better in that category.

06-17-2007, 11:39 AM
I do remember using the trim wheels on my CH Flightstick to deal with a nasty bug in the Soundblaster Pro game port. The stick lost calibration between almost every gaming session. I'm glad joystick makers have moved beyond dependence on soundcard ports. They were awful.

I'd still have that old stick if it hadn't been destroyed in a flood. For the record, it did last one week after I dried it out. What finally killed it was rust in the potentiometers.


06-17-2007, 12:51 PM
I'd love to find a way to yank that mini stick on the Pro Throttle and put in a rotary for use as an elevator trim wheel. I use the programmable wheel on the Fighterstick as a prop pitch controller.

06-17-2007, 01:07 PM
Originally posted by ElAurens:
I'd love to find a way to yank that mini stick on the Pro Throttle and put in a rotary for use as an elevator trim wheel. I use the programmable wheel on the Fighterstick as a prop pitch controller.

I believe that you can do that now, not 100% sure, the hanger would know