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11-26-2011, 04:22 PM
I don't necessarily mean the setting but more like certain features from past games.

Like for instance; I would like to see a lot more content this time as not only is it concluding Desmond's story but most likely starting a whole new ancestral setting.

I would like to see features from the old games but changed in accessibility, like the hookblade to be optional.

I think it would also be kool if the game would have A LOT of references to Ezio and Altair.
Maybe an item like... The armour/blade of ezio.
And some features similar to the Codex pages, because i thought they were really interesting in providing a back story. Maybe codex pages revealing Ezio's enhancements to weaponry.
I would also like to see the impact Of ezio's leadership after the events of embers.

Personally i wouldn't mind if they scraped the assassin recruits next time around, and focused on developing the character more as he/she wont necessarily a Mentor.

11-26-2011, 04:59 PM
More of a ranged focus with things like a crossbow mortar (basically allowing you to do an arrow rain yourself) and other mounted weapons.

There being a pre-establised guild which you're a member of, not a leader of, so that you can take part in the fight, not just send in some young scamps to do everything.

Templars as a credible threat, including special elites which can give a good fight one-on-one, so there's more of a reason to stealth and assassinate. That includes templars as a credible threat to the brotherhood, so you can be spotted on sight like in AC2, or have your allies decimated using a similar system to ACR but on a far grander scale.

Special whole brotherhood actions, when you lay siege to a aemplar base as part of a group of maybe 6 assassin recruits, having to trade shots with templars in a fortified location, or seeing it from the other side, having to get a message for reinforcements through a templar blockade using either speed or stealth.

Seeing Ezio/Altair/Desmond from the outside, going through the guards you ran away from for the whole game in a few seconds, giving them an even more godlike appearance.

However, all of that seems like it would be more of a spinoff, after the main series is finished with, and even then it seems like it would take too much time, effort and money to be a reality.

Maybe a spinoff where you play as a templar assassin, but as a singleplayer mode, working with a team to find and kill squads of assassins in the modern day. Hell, that would probably make an even better ultiplayer mode.

11-26-2011, 05:44 PM
What I would love to see are like cover assassinations. Like when a guard is coming your way and you being able to pull him in a room and take him out or throw him into a wall to knock him out. Or if the next game were to be set in modern times, maybe climbing through vents and pulling guards up. The cover could also work with small quick shots. Maybe a less convoluted bombcrafting system, different methods of distracting guards, personal customization for clothing and non bulky armour. Maybe an older or modern version of a hookgun! Like an extension of the hookblade sort of thing. I know it's not really a new system but maybe a new graphics engine? Game looks great but a little outdated compared to other titles. Either way I can't wait for an announcement for AC3! Assassin's creed is definately my favorite franchise right now! Such an awesome plot! I just hope they don't go to China or Japan.

11-26-2011, 06:18 PM
I like Max's idea of being a member of a guild instead of a leader.
Expanding on that, we could have something called BAM (Brotherhood Assisted Move) Duty, where you have to follow the Master Assassin as he goes about his duties (remaining undetected of course) and watch out for the raised fist-clench. When it comes jump down and assist! If you're not speedy enough: punishment.

Which leads me to my second idea: Assassin Rank Climbing and Falling. I think (like Alta´r) for extensive misbehaviour e.g. killing civilians, becoming notorious, not assisting the Master in his time of need etc. You lose a rank and therefore some of your equipment. I think this would be a great insentive for players to play more carefully. Obviously one wouldn't be demoted for one deed, but if an Assassin broke lots of rules or the same rule repeatedly; down he goes!

Third idea, being able to blend into shadows and fog. You'd need to use Eagle Vision to see properly. And move quietly to remain undetected.

Fourth idea: Being able to upgrade your den with defences. And post lookouts on the roofs/balconies/in towers.
Something like this but with less people, maybe just a lone Assassin watching over the city...


11-26-2011, 08:02 PM
Sounds verry interesting and itll be nice for a change of pace where you aren't the strongest assassin around, and are still learning.

I doubt they will implement this, but u never know.

11-27-2011, 12:48 AM
For Assassin's Creed 3 i like to play Ezio in a few sequences. More in-depth look at bloodline coverage. I think people who play AC games are still puzzle about the story including myself to a certain degree. Maybe less of the Den Defense?. Maybe someone can convince me beyond a doubt why it should stay. Then okay, fine.

11-27-2011, 01:48 AM
Expanding on Russells BAM move, maybe if the master assassin died the second most powerful would be promoted. So you could sabotage his plans, but when you're the assassins leader, if the other died while you were nearby, the other assassins would all lose several assassins to serve as lost 'morale' at having to serve you, when you killed(ish) the mentor. So eventually all of your assassins could revolt, and you'd have to give up your ranks (all your ranks) and start at the beggining of the guild, with a far weaker army. Just to encourage players to help the mentor when it isn't really in their immediate interests.

11-27-2011, 08:31 AM
-They should implement a "Double Life" feature in which the Templars do not know your true identity; so you can switch between assassin and civilian,each with different gameplay and intertwined story-line (meaning that when you are a civilian you can have a social life, buy proprieties and businesses and arrange parties at your mansions where you can invite your future targets to learn new information about their activity,or attend at your enemies festivals to learn information or poison them,thus needing to befriend them to get an invitation etc.)
-A new import/export metagame, where you can buy/sell different goods all over the world, and also purchase and expand your personal fleet to protect your shipments from pirates. The trade metagame will work just like the Mediterranean Defense with cooling times for your shipments.New goods unlock in time and missions become more challenging.
-Buy different horse breeds with different skills (speed, armor etc.) and assign your main horse which comes when you whistle for him.
-I like the idea of being an assassin recruit but you should be able to reach the mentor status before the game ends. Downgrading in case of bad behavior is a good idea also.
-The Den Defense needs some serious improvements.
-Realistic weather effects with impacts on gameplay.
-Cover system for improved stealth.

11-27-2011, 08:43 AM
Originally posted by agitatedchimp:

I would also like to see the impact Of ezio's leadership after the events of embers.


11-27-2011, 09:45 AM

I'd like to see something like euphoria or endorphin implemented

just imagine randomly generated sword attacks or parkour moves