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Rogue Agent 035
12-01-2011, 04:12 PM
I have taken over an locked down every Den (except the formentioned Den though taking it back over isn't a problem), BUT... I need some advice as to how to defend it. As every tactic I've tried (an suceeded with) in the past doesn't work cause they take it back over everytime.

Thanks in advance...

Rogue Agent 035

12-01-2011, 04:58 PM
My luck with den defense was very low -- that minigame just moves a bit too fast. The best solution is to raise your master assassins to level 15 (by getting that level of points and completing the second half of their master assassin quest). That will prevent the templars from attacking the dens they are associated with. While trying to reach that point, clear your notoriety whenever you get the chance. The templars don't tend to attack if your notoriety is below 100%.

Rogue Agent 035
12-01-2011, 05:06 PM
Thnx K..., yeah, thats what I use to do until I got the hang of the Den Defense mini-game, then I found em to be quite enjoyable an challenging, but it's that last Den that seems to get attack almost immediately after I take it an givin my tactics so far have been..., shall we say..., un-successful

12-02-2011, 07:05 AM
There are a few things to keep in mind... If it's your third defense then it means the Templars will deploy a canon... Once a canon is lined up on your tower it will ignore "standard" barricades and shoot directly at your tower, and if you let that happen then you'll loose quickly...

I'll consider that you've found a suitable way to deal with the first waves of Templars foot soldiers by yourself (because I won't bother explaining how to deal with them, it would take too long to type), so the only issue remaining should be the canon...
And "bypassing" the issue is somewhat easy.

The solution is to build 2 armed barricades right behind one another at latest just before the canon comes into play (sell your archers and other useless assassins by that point if you're missing morale points) and to upgrade them both once (when the barricade gets hit you'll then have the opportunity to upgrade itonce again to fix it, making it last just a bit longer)...

When the barricade closer to the canon will be blown up (and it will), the canon will not advance and instead start to shoot at the second one. The fact that it won't advance will leave you the room to rebuild a new armed barricade in the exact same place as the one that was just destroyed... (If you don't build the second one right behind the first, the canon may advance thus ruining the rest of the delaying tactics, that's why it's important that the 2 armed barricades are right behind one another)
You then will be able to "sell" what remains of the 2nd barricade to rebuild a fresh new one to further delay the canon when it will once again destroy the first one...

This way you'll be able to delay almost infinitely (as long as you have enough morale points) the possibility for the Templar's canon to target your tower, which leaves you precious time to deal damage to it with your fusilliers and your own canon (which you trigger in the same way as you call assassins in the rest of the game)...

It may take a few tries to master the process but once you do, defending becomes easy as pie http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

BTW, I said you can sell most or all your archers to be able to buy the armed barricades in time, but you'll have to buy new ones once the canon gets reinforcements in the form of foot soldiers, so keep them if you can!

Also, having at least 2 trap bombers to keep the Templars foot soldiers from being able to move forward and target your own fusilliers until your archers deal with them is always a plus. But if you didn't get enough morale points to be able to afford them, then just lay a hand by shooting yourself (with the hidden gun) as many as possible, as fast as possible...

And don't forget to replace any of your fusilliers that would fall to enemy fire ASAP, as, after your own canon, it's them who will deal the Templars' canon the most damage.

There, hope that'll help!