View Full Version : Gun duel on the high seas that I won!!!

05-21-2005, 09:08 PM
I have become fairly good at knocking out the gun on the cargo ships, even got one on the first shot. Its like sighting in a scope, sort of. But, when I ran into a DE (SH3 calls it a River class but it is really an A&B destroyer modified for convoy escorting) Anyway, I knew it had two guns and it was doing the Lancelot Holland on me so it was one on one, IMO with just the fore gun able to fire.
It is the spring of 1942 and this crew has done well and her captain is seemingly making a huge mistake, or so I thought after hit four or five with my crewmen crying and pipes hissing. But, I knocked out that front gun at about 1200 yards and as he turned broadside to give the rear gun a chance I poured it on. By placing an officer on the bridge with a gunners rating you can up the reload time. It took a while to repair the damage but I sunk the DD and I doubt I will ever risk it again.
While I play it historice except for outside view, I did not have anytime to take a look as I was a bit busy, LOL