View Full Version : Vista 64 SLI issues (I truly hate Vista)

11-01-2007, 12:10 PM
When running Vista 64, I can use SLI but I must
deactivate SLI before shutting down.
If I fail to de-ativate SLI the next time I boot
Vista 64 it un installs all things Nvidia including the drivers.
Re-boots go well if I de-activate SLI.

Given that Vista is so likely to lock up it makes
gaming on Vista 64 nearly impossible
with SLI activated.

Good thing this is a multi boot rig.

I have Xp-pro 32
XP pro 64

and the ****-ware Vista 32 and 64 installed.

Anyone heard of a solution to the SLI issue?
I hear it's a major problem with Vista 64.

Vista 32 has also done the same, but it is far less frequent.

After my experiance with Vista I have become a firm
believer that Microsoft needs to be broken up under US anti trust laws.