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06-12-2005, 03:36 PM
Can anyone help. I can't figure out how to ground attack w/fighter. How do you release bombs, joystick 2 does not work. Is circle in wildcat windshield a bombsight??

06-12-2005, 04:07 PM
First off, make sure your keys/ buttons are set up the way you want them. If I'm not mistaken it goes: weapon 1= machine gun, weapon 2= cannon, weapon 3= rockets, and weapon 4= bombs.
So, in other words, make sure you are using the button you assigned for weapon 4. I wouldn't dive bomb too steep without dive flaps. Wildcats don't have them so a nice shallow (20 or so degrees) works well. Timing the drop is the tricky part. The only thing I can say about that is practice. Practice a lot. Hope that helps.

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06-12-2005, 05:21 PM
Check this thread.


06-12-2005, 05:37 PM
Here is the bombing process I use for fighters against ground targets:

1) Put your bombs on a 1 second timer unless bombs are larger than 500kg (1000lbs).

2) Attack at high speed (600km/h+) using a 10-30 degree dive angle to achieve necassary speed.

3) Aim your plane so the target will pass under your gunsight at an altitude of less than 50m AGL while still in this shallow dive.

4) Release bombs the instant the target is at the base of your gunsight and pull up before smacking the ground. Don't worry about the bomb blast, that is what the timer is for.

This will take some practice to get your aim good, but this should give you a workable starting place. Ships can be attacked with an easier and safer method called skip bombing. This is where you skip the bomb off the water into the target much like skipping a rock across a pond. To do this do the following:

1) attack at highest speed possible in your plane type, this is one case where it is best to ride the redline on your airspeed indicator.

2) Come in at an angle to achieve speed needed but make sure to get pefectly level about 20-30m above the water before dropping your bombs.

3) Drop bombs short of the enemy ship, the idea is to have them skip off the water into the enemy vessel. How short you must drop depends on how fast you're going and how fast you can pull up to avoid the ship. Generally 100m is about right for fighters but if you are going rediculasly fast then you maybe able to drop further out.

4) PULL UP as hard as you can and enter a fast sustained climb to clear blast area. Then level off and get the hell out of there before flak from other ships rips you apart.

06-12-2005, 05:52 PM
I use the bottom of the sight circle as the aiming point... since we can't dial in mils, moving the sight up or down.

It's basically a TLAR situation (That Looks About Right) once you're used to it.

I like higher angle dives from 3,000-3,500m, to keep speed up in the delivery, and to help avoid any low cap in the target area -- gives me the option of using that altitude for something other than bombing.

Set up a quick mission with unlimited ammo, load bombs, make an airfield the target, and practice...doesn't take long. Try low angle, down to almost level attacks all the way up to 90 degree dives. (Might want to make sure AAA is off for the initial practice.) Make sure external views are on for this, and hit F7 after release to see where your bomb hits. Adjust from there.

It's usually good to try being consistent in your bombing delivery, i.e., from this alt I'll try to get this speed, then pull throttle back to this setting, hold a set dive angle, release at a certain alt, etc. -- cutting down the variables. We don't really get wind effects on bombs, so that's not a worry. Bottom line: All the hoohah above might not mean much - Just Practice.