View Full Version : Serious questions about TrippleHead2Go

12-03-2007, 08:01 PM
Hi I am seriously thinking about getting a TrippleHead2Go in the new year, when I upgrade my computer. Though $300 may seem like alot to some people, the immersion factor could sky rocket and I already have an extra old 17 inch CRT sitting around, all I need is another one for the other side monitor which could be found real cheap.

I have a 24" Widescreen CRT which is VERY nice, and would like to put 2 17" CRTs on each side for the sideviews/perephrial vision, where monitor quality wouldn't be quite as important.

My questions are to those who own one:

-Is it possible to run a widescreen aspect ratio (16:10) for the main monitor while the 2 side monitors would have a regular 4:3? This may lead to an odd resolution that Matrox didn't plane out, something like 3328x768. Maybe this is all very flexible in the setup program, maybe it isn't. If not, it would even be ok to squish a wider format onto the smaller CRT's and then stretch out the screen on the outside bezel display menu even though this would mean cropping the image off the screen. If only 4:3 aspect mode is supported by all 3 monitors, then the tripplehead won't be an option for me, as I will not sacrifice my main display in any form.

- 2nd Question, Webpage lists some display resolutions and out of 8 or so listed, only one had a high 85hz and the rest were listed at 65hz. The one with 85hz listed was in the middle in terms of resolution quality, and I am wondering if this is all due to each individual monitors ability or if the tripplehead actually limits your refresh rate. I don't think I would be able to stand the headache of viewing the 3 monitor setup with the strain you get from 60 or 65hz.

Thanks for any info provided my way.