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09-30-2006, 09:30 AM
Hi, I am hoping to find somebody to help solve my joystick issues and tell me why planes aren't shown on the mini-map in PF.

Well, the first time I launched PF and played around in the hardware input section, I tested out the calibration for the joystick. It's really sensitive as in when I rest my hand on the joystick, the red boxes for X-axis and Y-axis moves away from the green boxes (i guess that indicates the sensitivity??)

I went back to the joystick's properties and set the sensitive to 0%, dead zone 0%, range 100% for all the axis (x,y,z)

When I checked it out again in the Hardware Input section, there is a very slight showing of the red boxes just around the edges of the green ones. But I find that this slight showing already affects the plane during gameplay dramatically. When I rest my hand on the joystick, the plane should remain still but it starts to roll rather quickly.

So to keep the plane steady, if you can imagine, I have to hold the joystick at a 2 o'clock position, twist it to the left and pull up a tad..

This bothers me a lot. How can I fix this sensivity thing in PF? It was perfectly fine in IL-2 FB. Could it be PF's problem?

Lastly, when I play single missions or quick missions, friendlies and enemies aren't shown on the mini-map. Also the target lock doesn't indicate how far you are from it like FB does.

Somebody pls help, I was almost crying last night becuz I was being chased by 4 planes for 2 hours while flying under the conditions I mentioned.

09-30-2006, 01:27 PM
Which plane are you flying? Some aircraft need to be trimmed radically to fly straight much of the time, notably the Corsair or Mustang with the current patch FM. If you have trim axes assigned, they may be off-center, and need to be re-centered for level flight.

Another possibility is that another controller has taken over the ID1 or primary controller position from your joystick. Make sure that your joystick is the only one assigned in the HOTAS section of your Controls Menu.

As to joystick sensitivity, the 100% setting is to allow a 'strength' input into the equation. 100% translates into a 50 lb force at that point; as I understand it, that means that as in actual aircraft, it takes an increasing amount of force applied to move the stick further in any direction, so by starting the sensitivities at around 10-15%, it takes more movement of your joystick to make subtle adjustments, making the aircraft easier to control.

Now about the mini-map, that's a matter of your difficulty settings. If you've set things up for max difficulty, you're locked in cockpit view, you have no minimap icons, external views, and the other aircraft don't get the red/blue labels to help you see them. If you've just added PF to FB/AEP, then it's likely that your default settings have been changed.

If you've started a campaign in that difficulty setting, you're stuck with it in that campaign, but you can start other campaigns with your preferred settings.

Spend a little time reading the manual; it should be available to you in .pdf (Adobe) format, either on one of your disks, or through your Windows Programs menu (Start>All Programs>Ubisoft>PF+FB+AEP>Pacific Fighters Manual).



10-02-2006, 11:24 AM
thanks mate!

i think i've gotten a lot from you. Yes, the minimap has icons now and also, each plane flies differently. I have the same problem with most planes but there are some like the Tomahawk that doesn't react even with a slight touch to the joystick. but i found out that the problem lies in my stick. it's either loose inside or i've been stalling too much while flying and forcefully pound the joystick to get myself back in flight.

nevertheless, i'm glad that u've helped. like everyone else here would say, this is one helluva discussion forum where ppl would reply in an instant.

right now, i'm just beginning to practice on trimming..