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10-21-2011, 11:38 PM
I see most of these topics being discussed but I'm lazy to pick through to see if they've all been addressed.

I've played maybe 4 hours of this game and I must say that the technology and application are amazing, the gameplay works well with the guitar that I've neglected for so long. However, they failed on the actual game design in many instances. Regardless of the disappointing graphics, the game is missing a lot and feels like it was rushed.

The following is a list of observations made on the premise that the game is to be a fun tool for learning to play a real guitar as well as a videogame. Sure some of this will be nitpicky but it mostly seems like obvious stuff that would have been easy to fix in a beta.

The menu:

- it could be more intuitive.
- Some icons have the same color text as the background which makes it hard to read
- the redundant saves when nothing has changed since the last save. And why does it take so long?
- The guitar selection menu doesnt allow a quick view to flip through, you have to go through 2 sub-menus to view them. And you cant even see it in the game (that i know of, i'm not that far yet). And does playing a different guitar change the sound? This seems pointless.
* I've not had time to play with the pedals and amps but I imagine this is the most valuable part of the game.

Playing a Song:

- Theres no option to lock a difficulty so that you can play what you've practiced. I guess this is the game design; to always push you to be better but its frustrating when playing a song and a section comes up with notes you've never played before and in a position way down the neck. There should be an option to lock the difficulty for the venue performance.
- Why do i have to tune every 4 minutes?
- What notes am I playing? Orange 4 and blue 6?


* Awesome idea and part of the reason I bought this game. ButÖ
- No menus or options, just a depressing global scoreboard
- No difficulty or mode options (arcade/classic/time trial) I wish I could stay on one difficulty to really get the feel for fret positions and chords at a LEARNING pace.


* Another awesome feature that made me buy this game. But...
- The chords are only set up by song and you can only play one chord per session (load, tune, load, play for 20 seconds, load, save, then you have to go back through the menus to play the next chord). There should be an option to flip to another menu to play chords in keys and in different positions all in one session. Maybe even scale practices.

And there are other little quirks that bug me like the fact that you cant see the whole improvement chart (the line in the background).

In all the game is revolutionary as promised but they really messed up on what I think are basic problems. These things I saw in the first day of game play which leads me to believe that they had a bad beta team or none at all. The game is also catered to the person who is slightly familiar with a guitar but not an expert or rock-bottom beginner. The learning curve for playing correct frets and strings without looking may prove frustrating to a lot of newbies and wont provide that instant gratification that they expect from a videogame. I think they needed to emphasize the idea that this was a fun learning TOOL disguised as a game. After all, it is a REAL skill that we are learning.

But maybe Iím off mark?

I will definitely buy the next Rocksmith though, there's no way they can ignore these blatant flaws for a second go. ...If this game doesnt flop too bad. Even if nobody agrees or replies, hopefully these observations make it to the eyes of Ubisoft.

10-22-2011, 05:18 PM
as far as tuning every 4 mins goes, you'd be surprised how many low end (low $) guitars go out of tune in a matter of seconds just by playing regular notes never mind bends.

This makes sure the game works as its all based on the acurate pitch/tone/frequency of the note not like RB3's Squier where it would detect your finger position was correct.

Some good guitars (more costly) can stay in tune a long time because they have better tuning pegs, bridges and tremelo systems

They assumed the new players this is geared for would not have very expensive gear and the tuning would go out after each song (common) so they force you do check it.

The pros do this every song on stage so why not be like a PRO?

Tuning is everything