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06-05-2005, 06:13 AM
(report from U-55 November 1940)

After sailing west from Brest we enjoy clear seas. In route to BE67 we found and sank, by gunfire, a C3 (ammunition ship suspected), a small merchant (aircraft parts suspected), and a C2 cargo ship (wood, cork, and barrels suspected).

Upon entering BE67 we contacted a convoy heading right for us. We setup a shot on three ships. Tube 1 to a T2 tanker (column 3). tube 2 to another T2 tanker(column 3) and tubes 3 and 4 to a troop transport (column 2). Due to the need to fire all four torpedos rapidly, when tubes 3 and 4 were fired, the salvo switch had been set to fire tubes 1-4. Since 1 and 2 were empty at the time, this had little affect but would come to haunt us later.

We dive to 25m and sail under the convoy with the intention of exiting out the of convoy's rear between column 2 and 3. Running silent we head all three ships hit in rapid sucession. A quick periscore check shows all three ships sinking. The destroyers can't find us and we drift away. I decide not to continue pursuit and make turns for BE12 and see if we can find anything else.

After finding another lone ship (C2) and sinking her by gunfire we do a crew change. Due to carelessness on someone parts (likely due to lack of sleep) the master launch levers, still linked, was tripped and torpedoes 1,2,3 and 4 are fired in to empty ocean.

Given our recent gun suscesses, the swearing for accident passes quickly and we come in contact with another convoy heading WSW. We are ahead of the convoy and line up for it to pass over us with the sub in between columns 2 and 3. With few torpedoes remaining, The stern tube is aimed at a T3(column 3) and the bow tubes aimed at a T2 (column 2). With a heading of nearly due east, we fire the bow tube and stern tubes in rapid succession. We hit the T3 but miss the T2. We turn to starboard, dive to about 25 m) and set course of WSW, we'll shadow under and near the T2 and monitor the escorts and plot a way out of the convoy. After a couple minute We turn NW as ti appears the escorts are hunting behind the convoy.

Suddenly there is a crash and screams as we rock over on our side. Water begins pouring in all the bow compartments, we are diving, blow ballast, emergency back. Its no use, a couple minute later the subamrine impodes.

Near as I can tell (and thanks for letting me rant since this was one of the patrols where the tonnage was going to be very nice) I must have looped back and collided with the wreckage of the sinking T3 and killed myself. Since I don't play we freecam and the periscopes were knocked out when the crash started, that is my only guess. The destroyers were all a ways out accoring to the sonar man on hydrophones (and he was fresh, I always change outht e sonar man before attacking a convoy.)

Oh well, time for a new career.

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http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/1072.gifOh well. I gess he didnt want to die alone.

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Originally posted by legodragonxp:
(report from U-55 November 1940)

a C2 cargo ship (wood, cork, and barrels suspected).


Best describtion of a C2 I have seen yet..
Nice story.

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Most interesting story. Just today I managed to hit the wreakage of a T2 tanker I sank a day earlier while searching for damaged straglers from the convoy. Took my hull integrity down to 75%. I kept going on and found 2 straglers, a C2 and an American (liberty?) which was on fire. I sank the C2 and the American ship was off limits. I suppose I hit it by accident earlier which was why it was runing a little heavy in the nose and on fire.