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03-21-2007, 11:31 AM
hey! well I didn´t find that option at graphic menu (like in SH3) BUT I find it under "documents\SH4\data\cfg" just edit your "main.cfg" and under [VIDEO] part change the "no" there for: Synchronized=Yes

So now you have V-Sync enabled (check your drivers settings for have it application enabled) and here the things look better and the graphics didn`t "cut" anymore when I move my view from side to side... even the ships now look better , before they have some texture problems while I use binoculars or scope...


BTW with a Sempron 2800+ (old 462) EVGA 7800GS CO AGP and 1,5 GB RAM I`m getting 24-30 FPS outside and 45 FPS inside sub... not bad at HIGH settings (1280x1024) If I use MEDUIM settings things go some better but I don`t want to loose the nice new effects...

ps: of course I´m suffering the bugs... like transparent crew and weird things... maybe our subs pass some vacations at Bermuda Triangle

03-21-2007, 12:14 PM
Thanks for the info.