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05-14-2011, 08:49 PM
I'm a classic lurker on this forum but had to post to say that after over 5 *days* of playtime, I finally got Extreme Variety and AEOTM. I'm not sure why I wanted to get it so badly, but it's very satisfying.

Thanks to all of you that post here and upload videos to YouTube. The community is great and the advice is much appreciated. Special thanks to videos and tips from EscoBlades, ABXantos, Raine, Squiddish (RIP), Shenmue36, Astlan (RIP?), MagnitudeX (RIP?), Malex McBlat, Crumplecorn, Cid, DarkAngelus, Loomer979, and everyone that posts on the video thread. You guys are awesome.

If anyone else is sadistic enough to try to get this bonus, here are my play tips. Unfortunately, it's a kind of ******y play style, but I had to play that way to get a lot of bonuses http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

1) Get these four bonuses every game

Every game, make sure to get Hidden, Focus, Acrobatic and Discreet. Keep a tally of what you don't have yet and focus on getting those. For Focus, I used offensive smoke bombs (******y play style #1). For Hidden, use blend groups liberally. Check out loomer979's YouTube video on Hidden bonuses. Most of the other bonuses like Poacher, Revenge etc will just come as you play.

2) 3 Profile Sets
For profile set #1, I used Hidden Gun. Hidden gun is useful for getting the First Blood bonus. ******y play style #2, but First Blood can put you over the line for EV.

For profile set #2, I had RR poison to get the Poison bonus. Try to combine this with a Hidden bonus (using a blend group) or Focus bonus (using an offensive <STRIKE>******</STRIKE>smoke bomb).

For profile set #3, I had RR charge which is more useful for offense and defense than Mute for me. I switch to this set after the First Blood bonus and Poison bonuses are done.

On all profile sets, I had Strong Smoke (helps since lag is a problem for me), Blender (good for getting the Lure bonus), Overall Cooldowns, and Reset Cooldowns.

3) Aggressive Play Style
You can't afford to waste time sitting in blend groups and letting your pursuers come to you. Estimate where your pursuers are. If your target is on the other side of the map and your pursuers are near you, run around the edge of the map in the direction of your target. (Don't run through groups or near people.) Most pursuers will follow you around instead of cutting you off, so you can get some kills in by having them behind you.

4) Learn to spot your pursuers
Critically important to learn to pick out your pursuers based on whispers. Watch Raine's and EscoBlade's videos and become a stun master. Stun pursuers if you can and get back to killing.

5) Master the compass
You should be able to learn where your target is and estimate his position by using the compass. Most people don't expect you to flank them. Learn to predict where they are going so you can set up a hidden, acrobatic or focus kill when they make it to you.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks again to all of you that post tips on how to play this game!

05-14-2011, 09:00 PM
Congrats man.And props on not boosting.Got mine a little over a month ago so I know the feeling.