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06-08-2007, 09:30 PM

I just picked up a copy of this older game (2004??). It installed properly and I did a system check through the website to see if my system, was up to the task. It passed. I am running it on a Dell 2.8 with 2 gigs of memory.

When I try to start the game, it tells me to insert the proper disk. The only two disks I have are the volume 1 and volume 2 disks that came in the box.

Is this simply an expansion pack for some other game?? Or should it work as a stand-alone game??

Any ideas?


06-08-2007, 10:39 PM
The problem is common and there is an easy fix.

You need to D/L and copy an rts file into your PF folder.

Bad news is I haven't got a clue where to download it from http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-surprised.gif

Good news is someone will be along shortly to supply a link, no doubt http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif

06-09-2007, 06:42 AM
Thanks!! I did install some type of videocard driver last night and it seemed to work after that. Maybe just dumb luck. But I'll be interested to see what file yyou are speaking of.

06-09-2007, 04:59 PM
Try this link and see if it helps:

http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisoft.cfg/php/end...ZwX3BhZ2U9MQ**&p_li= (http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/ubisoft.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=10061&p_created=1099077749&p_sid=3_uGGxsh&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PWRmbHQmcF9ncmlkc29yd D0mcF9yb3dfY250PTQmcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1zZWFyY2hfbmw mcF9wcm9kX2x2bDE9ODgmcF9wcm9kX2x2bDI9MTEyOCZwX2Nhd F9sdmwxPSZwX2NhdF9sdmwyPSZwX3BhZ2U9MQ**&p_li=)

06-09-2007, 05:11 PM
Will check that out. Thanks!!!