View Full Version : Achievement question

12-07-2007, 08:02 PM
Hey, i just recently finished the game and I have a few questions regarding achievments.

1. I don't have the view 80% of glitches. Do I have to replay the entire game getting more of these, or lets say that I missed the very first glitch, and replay that, and viewing it pushs me over 80% will it give me the achievment?

2. I missed one conversation with Lucy, do I have to replay the whole game to get to that missed conversation? If I do have to replay the whole game, when i finally get that conversation, will i get the achievement or will I need to get them all over again?

Thanks in advance!

12-07-2007, 08:05 PM
1. No you just have to load the memory block watch the cut scenes and press a botton when the white stuff goes across the screen

2. Yes you have to start a new game