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02-26-2006, 08:56 PM
I found this here (http://prodocs.netfirms.com/)... go to My WW2 links.. scroll down to planes...>The WW2 fighter gun debate intro>WWII fighters.. >P-51...

This site is pretty nice and very detailed.. I posted a link to it before.. but I just thought this was interesting.

"Compared with previous Mustangs, the P-51D had two more .50 guns, and the armament installation had been redesigned to make it more reliable. [20]

Six Browning .50 machine guns. The two inboard guns had 400 rounds each, enough for 32 seconds. The four outboard guns had 270 rounds, enough for 22 seconds.
Output per second was 75 rounds, or a weight of 3.64kg per second. Muzzle power was 1374 kW.
Six .50 guns was the armament of most US fighters. Most pilots liked the .50 gun, but it lacked the power to do structural damage to enemy aircraft. Postwar research demonstrated that only armour-piercing incendiary rounds were really effective, by setting fire to ammunition or fuel. This armament was sufficient for the Mustang, because it was an escort fighter, that had to fight mostly against enemy fighters. The guns were usually set to converge at 300 yards, and 2 degrees above the normal flight attitude. The ammunition supply was relatively large, and that was also beneficial for an escort fighter. Last but not least, the Browning was very reliable and had good ballistics."

The really interestng thing is... that is how it is in the sim.... with the exception that it seems the left inboard gun finishes @ 1-2 seconds before the right one.. but as far as the outboard guns go it is pretty much on the mark as far as TOF..