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11-20-2010, 07:00 PM
Really nice ability i have to admit. Have it on 2/3 classes atm. Still learning to use it. I notice it seems like some people hit me w/ impossible shots it seems. Does the gun not kill a civilian if they are infront of the shot? I did notice you hear a sound letting you know someone failed their shot or cant focus the shot. It happened to me in a recent game. I was atleast 8 feet infront of the barber and i notice he keeps stoping and obviously trying to shot a gun at me. As he tried 4 times and i watched I noticed not once did it show that he was my persuer. If a person cant get the shot off i think it should give it away, especially if im looking right at him try to shot me. What ended up happening as he failed the 4th shot i tried running into a gate that shuts(game breaker lol)and he leaps and kills me with ease. Atleast if it would have identified him as my pursuer i would have had the advantage to run away and eventually have a new pursuer assigned to me. Will this ever be fixed or im just problably ranting for no reason?

11-20-2010, 07:35 PM
Considering that assassinating targets with the hidden gun generally yields only one hundred and fifty points, I don't think it's a very useful weapon. Also, since it's supposed to be a 'hidden' gun, that might be why it doesn't indicate that the player is pursuing you. Even if you as a player can identify him, technically the characters in the game cannot.