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Assassin's Creed has garnered a mixed bag of
attention ever since its first trailer debuted at the Tokyo Game Show 2005 in the PlayStation 3 booth. Known simply as Project Assassins, nothing much was known about the game except that it was coming from the Prince of Persia team. After Game Informer Magazine unveiled the first facts about the game in the June 2006 cover story, the Ubisoft Montreal-developed game has bounced from a PS3 exclusive to multiplatform. After an unimpressive demonstration of the game at Microsoft's E3 2007 press conference and mixed reports from the first official hands-on with the game, many people chalked up the game as a failed attempt before it was even released. Contrary to much of the reports coming out of E3, we actually quite enjoyed our time with Assassin's Creed, and although early, we looked forward to seeing more of what we would experience as the stealthy killer Alta´r. Ubisoft Montreal recently stopped by with a near final build of the game, and our worries have largely been addressed.

Much of the game's story is still shrouded in secrecy, and our playtest didn't give us too much information in that department. We didn't start from the beginning of the game, since Ubi says what happens at the beginning of the game will divulge too much. So we were plopped smack in the middle. However, from what we do know about the game, you play as Alta´r, an assassin who has fallen from grace. After failing an important mission, he's dropped to the lowest assassin's rank ľ the uninitiated. He's stripped of his skills and items, and must work is way back up to greatness. Since I played a save file that already had a few missions completed, Alta´r had already gained back some of his former status.

I began by speaking to the Assassin's leader, Al Mualim, who is the main person that gives you your targets. Three of the nine are dead, but the work has just begun. King Richard has been victorious in Acre, and is moving towards Jerusalem. Men are pretending to govern in his absence, taking advantage of the situation, and slaughtering innocents. The three targets we were after were: Abu'l Nugoud of Damascus, Maid Addin, the Regent of Jerusalem, and William de Montferrat, the Regent of Acre. However, before going straight to each of the targets and offing them, there's much to be done in preparation.

Upon leaving Al Mualim, you're given an upgrade: gloves that allow you to grab onto ledges if you're falling. Every time you learn a new move or get an upgrade, you're approached by a combat instructor to help teach his students, which allows players to test the new abilities. Assassin's Creed has quite a unique control scheme which takes some getting used to, and taking time to practice and get timing down is important to succeed.

Ubisoft Montreal has tried a few different things on the control front with Assassin's Creed that some may like, and some may not. Controlling Alta´r and the camera is mapped to the typical left and right sticks, however, the face buttons control Alta´r's different body parts - Y and A for the head and feet, and X and B for the arms. Alta´r has two main different control modes ľ low profile and high profile. Obviously, since you're supposed to be as stealthy as possible, staying in low profile is the best choice. In low profile you can do a basic attack, grab, and step into an attacker to open him up. However, most of Alta´r's cool abilities aren't displayed when he's remaining calm and collected. Holding the right trigger puts Alta´r in high profile mode so he can perform counter-attacks, dodges, and grab breaks. High profile mode is also used in regular movement with running by just holding down R and sprinting by holding R and pressing A. On paper this sounds rather confusing, it's actually quite intuitive, and after some practice it all feels like second nature.

We hopped on a horse and started on our way to Jerusalem. Horse controls stick with the same theme, high profile/running happen with holding down R and galloping, and by pressing X you can attack guards that are on foot. Upon arriving at Jerusalem, we found the gates were manned by a few guards. If we wanted to start things out on the wrong foot, we could pick a fight, and roll in that way. However, as a skilled assassin, Alta´r always has options. There was some scaffolding nearby that I could scale to sneak in, or just outside of the gate there was a scholar being pushed around by guards. If we killed all the guards and rescued the scholar, he and his kind (who are dressed similarly to Alta´r ) would walk us through the guard post and into the city. We decided to help the scholar, take out a number of guards, and then by blending in with the scholars, we quietly entered Jerusalem.

Even though Alta´r has a number of weapons at his disposal, such as a dagger, throwing knives, and a sword, you're still constantly trying to not bring attention to yourself; knifing and brawling your way around isn't part of your agenda. You'll constantly be aware of how hidden you are by your social status meter that's in the upper left hand corner. The indicator will be green if you're blending. When it's yellow, it means guards are watching you and wondering what you're up to, but you can still climb ladders and perform normal actions. If the indicator turns red, guards are actively looking for an assassin. Here's where you want to be careful, because the second you light the status up to red, every guard will be hunting you down until you can break the line of sight from guards long enough to hide.

Most likely, you're going to be getting into quite a few fights in the game, and more often than not it will be with multiple subjects. You target an opponent by pressing the left trigger, and you know who you're currently targeting by a highlight around your target. Your target will change as you change direction, which is quite helpful when you're surrounded. Throw a few attacks in front of you, and then notice that someone in back of you is about to lunge towards you, so you can switch targets quickly and block the attack or throw them out of the way. Most of the time we found that basic attacks got blocked quite a bit, so opening up an enemy with a step (or waiting for them to switch from defensive stance to offensive stance) will provide a window to take a shot. You can also counter-attack with proper timing, which can be effective and lethal tactic. However, if enemies see that all you're doing is counter attacking, they'll back off and wait for you. Combat is brutal and bloody, and the AI of the different types of guards that you're fighting will keep you on your toes.

On entering a new city, the best way to find out where to go is to explore. Pressing the back button, you pull up a map. There will be sections of the city that are fogged since you don't know exactly what's there. You can uncover new areas by climbing tall buildings, and extremely tall buildings will have perches around it that you may see an eagle hovering around. At the top of these perches, you can do what Ubi calls "synchronizing,"Ł which unfogs part of the map. This is an essential part of the gameplay, because once you unfog the map you'll open up side missions through which you can gather more information about your target. Before you can pull off your assassination attempt, you'll have to pull off a number of missions. Unfortunately, these mission types are the same in each city. You may have to pick pockets, eavesdrop on a conversation, shake someone down for more information, or speak with an informer. Since you have to do this prior to every assassination attempt, we're wondering how much variation there will be through out the game.

You can also choose to save citizens. These missions, when completed, will help you in the long run. If you save citizens, there will be some benefit, such as their friends may slow guards down if you're getting chased. Considering it's your job to assassinate people, there will be many times you'll be chased or forced to defend yourself. Having people help clear the path for you, especially when annoying beggars are getting in your way, or having another option for hiding can help your success rate in a pinch.

Traversing the cities relies heavily on free running, and the world in Assassin's Creed begs for it. Scaling the wall of a building, getting onto a roof, taking out a few archers with throwing knives, dancing across scaffolding, swinging on wood beams, and then leaping from rooftop to rooftop is all part of Alta´r's repertoire. If you thought the Prince in Prince of Persia was nimble, Alta´r would kick his *** in a foot race. Once you've done exploring, you'll find yourself looking for lines to get to good hiding spots, much like you look for a good skate line in Tony Hawk. When you've pissed off a few guards and they're breathing down your neck, it's quite exciting to dart through a bunch of people, scale a building, and try to get enough space between so you can find a cart full of hay to perform a leap of faith. Yes, it's a bit odd that no one notices when you leap off the top of a building into a pile of hay among citizens, but at least the effect is cool.

After pickpocketing a few people, performing an informer's task, our assassin's bureau was ready to allow us to go take down our mark, Maid Addin. Addin would be performing a public execution that would be heavily guarded. One of the Alta´r assassin brothers was also scheduled to be executed, and we were instructed to make sure that he wasn't killed. After that, we were given the traditional assassin's feather, dragged through our victim's blood to prove Alta´r had completed his task.

As we closed in on where the execution was to be held, we had to be quite cautious. There were guards on patrol that were looking for an assassin, some crazy bum that would push us into the guards. Mingling amongst the crowd and watching the scene unfold, we made our way through the people. After Maid Addin gave a lengthy speech, we blended in with the crowd, climbed up on a nearby building, and quickly made a lunge towards our target. Maid Addin got a little cocky and mocked me, and after I made waste of a few guards, I dropped Maid Addin when he was off guard.

After you perform one of your assassinations, you pan away to a separate world and have dialogue with your target. When you return, considering you murdered someone in broad daylight, your social status meter will be glowing red, which means you're going to have every guard in the city on high alert looking for you. Before you return to the assassin's bureau to claim your kill, you must hide and kill the alarm. This is much easier said than done when everyone and their mother is looking for you. Guards will chase you from all sides, scale buildings, and seek you out. Darting from rooftop to the street level quickly will help shake them from your tail, so keeping a close eye out for places to hide when you have a slight opening was critical. As the alarm dipped for a few seconds from red to yellow, we jumped into a tent, and breathed a sigh of relief. We got away, safely. As we returned our feather, our deed was done, and it was off to the next city to continue our road to redemption.

While we've described the gameplay of what players can expect from Assassin's Creed, there's still quite a bit going on that's a mystery. The menus, HUD, your GPS radar, and how your targets are displayed (alongside numbers and chemical bonds) all look extremely futuristic. Periodically, you fast forward your memory to move time forward, and when you're opening up new areas of the map, you're calibrating your memory. In other words, you're remembering something you already knew. Huh? We prodded, but to our dismay, we have no answers. Apparently there's a much, much bigger story going on. We've got our own theories and thoughts on it all, but until we get to play the actual final game, Ubisoft wants to keep the story under wraps
The other two assassinations we performed proceeded much like the first. The actual kills were a bit different, but the information gathering process was the same. Open up more fogged areas on the map, perform a pick pocket, listen in on a conversation, rough up and interrogate someone. While performing these is still quite fun, we're hoping the formula gets mixed up more along the way.

Visually, Ubisoft has stayed on target with what we've seen for the past few years, and character models and environments are brilliantly detailed. Granted, cities back in the time of the Third Crusade weren't all that advanced, but fortunately Ubisoft kept the level design varied enough to help keep the environments different enough while suffering from much of the same color palettes. Surround sound is a must, with a bustling city with a lot of ambient sound, pigeons, chatter, and NPC chatter can be heard all around.

For all of those naysayers who wrote the game off at E3, it just makes more copies of the game available for those who have the skill and patience to learn how to play it. That's not saying it's hard to get a hold of the controls; after we took out all of our kills, we just played around in the city, which is basically a playground built for an acrobat. Assassin's Creed is a very different experience ľ part fighter, part platformer, part stealth ľ all wrapped up in some sort of mysterious story that we're yearning to uncover. To find out whether or not it'll be the true next-gen game Ubisoft is billing it as, stay tuned for our full review.

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yer lffoxmjl only a while back (1 month) i found out that they did and i thought they were pretty good

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But seems like just another hands on to me, shouldnt a review have a score? and i thought you get to play the whole game to give a review in order to review the story etc...

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Originally posted by anthony687uk:
Thanx for find...

But seems like just another hands on to me, shouldnt a review have a score? and i thought you get to play the whole game to give a review in order to review the story etc...

umm thats cause it is a hands on

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Originally posted by colt122:
yer lffoxmjl only a while back (1 month) i found out that they did and i thought they were pretty good

I'll have to start checking EB for that stuff as well. I always use gamespy and ign since their both pretty good in checking out games and usually point out problems they see.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by colt122:
yer lffoxmjl only a while back (1 month) i found out that they did and i thought they were pretty good

I'll have to start checking EB for that stuff as well. I always use gamespy and ign since their both pretty good in checking out games and usually point out problems they see. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

yer i think they have a crysis hands on
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