View Full Version : Let surviving characters persist to next round

06-11-2021, 05:30 PM
This could add a fun meta to the game, especially around forming teams.

While my co-op buddy and I enjoyed our time running through Legion of the Dead, my one big disappointment with the alpha is the lack of character progression that I mentioned earlier. If you're listening, Ubisoft, I'd love to see a few changes made there. Permadeath should be something that can't be disabled, so there is always a real risk of losing your character, but if a run is successful, I'd love to be able to keep that character as an option.

If I could keep a character, then choosing a perk would be more strategic. Do I keep the perks that I already have? Do I buy a new one and replace an existing one? It would also impact how I play with others. For example, I enjoy hacking, which is an effective way to distract crowds. Maybe someone else is a good sniper. Another player might enjoy clearing the road with a vehicle, while the team follows behind.

Doing something like this would allow players to effectively create their own character archetypes (tank, ranger, etc.) and assemble a team of complementary classes. That would be much more appealing than either the current random rolls we get now, or any pre-set classes that the development team could think up. Losing a character would be a real loss, but having a veteran survive could mean bragging rights.