View Full Version : those with PE-2 install problems, french no matter what

05-16-2006, 02:26 PM
So i tried to follow luthiers how to install guide.

No matter what it was downloading boontybox was french. Although I set the prefences in boonty to english, it was still french.

I ran the install once downloaded, yep that was french.

I tried to translate the instructions and put in my special code at the right time.

Well it did something, it installed the patch unzipped to a seperate folder, it did not try to install into the IL2 folder.

With help from folks in HL, I just copied over two critical sfs files, not the exe files. I backed mine up first. I think it was File.sfs (this was an overright) and another, something linke 3015.sfs (this was not an overright), sorry but I am not at my install machine.

I also copied skins to relevant folders.

I then unistalled boontybox

Well it worked okay.

I have to say the whole process was utterly confusing and I really cant share the exact results because with it all being french,

well it was french...

Wish this simple process was easier, oh well.

05-16-2006, 02:47 PM
Maybe this would have helped you. From SimHQ forum posted by JG7_ME262U1.

This might help some that DL the French version.

- Now, before running Boontybox (which will auto-start the Pe-2 download) you'll need to change the boontybox default language in your registry:

1. Go to start menu, run "regedit".
2. find the key below: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Boonty\BoontyBox\Langu ages
3. in right panel, change (double-click) the first "ab" box (default = fr), change the value "fr" with "en".
4. close "regedit"

- Next, run Boontybox from your program menu. The download will start and everything after this point will be in English.
Boontybox will download the Pe-2 addon's file named: "il2-pe2.exe" at this default location:
C:\Program Files\My Downloaded Games.

05-16-2006, 03:13 PM
ahh a registry setting change to install a piece of software, that I was not aware of, thanks for letting me know.

Wish that was in luthiers post on the actual UBI site directed by the actual software publisher.

05-16-2006, 07:20 PM
I bought and paid for the add on last thursday.

The downloaded BB is in french. I have tried contacting ubi uk and they have not responded.

I have tried to install the add on 3 times.

UBI shopping has not returned answers to ANY of my questions.

From what I have gotten from a few posts is that the downloaded BB IS in French and that you have to change the language at some point in the process when the BB installing but before it actually downloads the game info to your pc. That is kind of tough to do if you do not understand the french language.

Why has Ubi not responded to my emails??
Why has Ubi not repsonded to my questions??

5 days is a long time to wait for an answer.

Perhaps some of you who downloaded the add on earlier are adept at languages and computer add ons.

There are those of us who waited for different reasons who are now finding it EXTEMELY difficult even with the detailed tutorials to get the add on installed and working.

When is UBI going to step up and take charge of the situation and simplify this add on?

There are those of us who have had IL-2 from the beginning of it release and others who have just recently started on the IL-2 journey.

To those people who work for UBI, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Do you want to loose followers just before a new game release? Do you think that people like to got through a difficult process AFTER they have spent money on a product and been loyal to it in the past?

Is BOB going to be this way? How many loyal customers do you have to lose before you see the light?

Do you want to be a dinosaur?

05-16-2006, 07:36 PM
Just found this article on 'castlecops' while doing a google search for Boonty box.

The following is a direct quote from that site.

'Boonty_Games Used with Boonty box. Will not uninstall from Add/Remove programs. This is from their Privacy Policy. "We also may share payment information with third parties who provide payment services and share aggregate data regarding the type and number of videogames you download, your age, gender, occupation, education level, geographic location, computer equipment data and on-line and video game interests, activities and practices to game publishers. In addition, we share e-mail addresses with third party e-mail carriers who assist us in sending out our e-mails to many of our customers at the same time. Subsidiaries and controlled affiliates are not viewed as third parties for the purpose of data transfers, and hence personal information may be shared within those subsidiaries and affiliates without obtaining additional consent.""