View Full Version : Airfield Photos, New maps

12-07-2005, 06:26 PM
Hi guys!

I just wanted to post this photo of Barakoma Airstrip one last time in hopes that some day it will fit into a new map for PF. This airfield was on Vella Lavella Island. This will give details of spawn points etc.

I know there is a slim chance anything will be produced but I can always wish.

With that I am also going to hang up my wings for a while hoping for the above. This is why I purchased PF over a year ago and what I have been waiting for in past and upcomming patches/updates.

For those of you that have what you want, enjoy and have fun.

Good Hunting!

VMF-214 HQ is in the upper right corner.
Transit aircrarft in the lower left corner.
Maint. in the lower right corner.
F4Us along the right side of strip, squadron unknown...VMF-214? VF-17?