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06-04-2021, 06:14 PM
Hi all! I know that Legion of the Dead is in Alpha right now, and I was expecting to see a pinned feedback thread but I can't seem to find one. I just wanted to share some thoughts/suggestions that I feel would make the gameplay a lot more immersive/intense. I invite everyone to go ahead and share their own thoughts as well!

1: More Drones!

This is a big one for me. I happened to roll a survivor that had the drone hack bundle as their starting ability, but with such a small amount of drones present throughout the city, it felt like I was stuck with a relatively useless ability. I think what would be interesting would be to have the drones spawn frequently at the start of the session and then decrease incrementally as the timer runs out. What could be a valuable resource at the start obviously becomes scarcer and scarcer until they might stop spawning overall.

These drones don't even have to be combat drones. Presumably, the CtOS network is still functional if Albion is able to send out their drones. Give us inert Parcel Fox or CtOS Hub Drones! They might not serve a combat purpose, but they can be used tactically!

2: More Opportunities To Create Noise!

There's a tooltip on the loading screens that mentions that zombies are drawn to noise, but I feel like there aren't enough methods to distract/lure off zombies. In part, this ties to my previous suggestion about a lack of drones. If there were more drones, even non-combat ones, they could be used to generate noise and lure zombies. Alternatively, there are plenty of burnt out cars throughout the city. Maybe we could jolt some of the car's systems awake with a hack to trigger the car alarms?

Maybe even silenced weapons could be used to distract zombies? I tried this before, but it didn't seem to do anything. I tried shooting at a glass store window behind some zombies to see if they'd investigate the noise, but that didn't work.

3: Random Survivor Encounters!

The mode feels like it's lacking something, and it might be a mechanic similar to the City Events in Online mode. It would be interesting to run into other groups of NPC survivors trying to escape the city. They could be in trouble and needing help, or they could be trying to bait the group to approach to try and kill them for their supplies. There's a lot of flexibility here, and it could provide opportunities for the player group to restock on ammo, get supply packages, or even pick up some ability packages.

4: More Lethal Zombies!

I think zombies should be more punishing if you manage to get grabbed by one with a group of them nearby. I've found that it's relatively easily to escape from a grab and then quickly run to a location where I could climb up for safety. It would be interesting if there was a percentile chance that multiple zombies could grab you at the same time, similar to an insta-down if you're playing too recklessly.

5: Durable Cars!

I was very disappointed in the performance of cars in this mode. I managed to get my hands on a car only for it to immediately get destroyed after attempting to ram thru a handful of zombies. When you reach a certain point, the streets are full of hordes and the vehicles become useless in their current state of durability. The vehicles felt like they were supposed to come in clutch, but they feel more like a hindrance to me as they currently are.

06-04-2021, 08:03 PM
Awesome game mode, really enjoyed it. Not a fan of time limits though. The ability to pick up dropped weapons from other NPCs would be really good, and not just ammo

06-05-2021, 04:22 AM
1) There needs to be roaming parties of Albion and Clan Kelly raiders searching for supplies as well so we can have random impromptu battles with them. Also, maybe some quality survivors for us to randomly encounter and rescue so we can have the opportunity to recruit them.

2) Hopefully the attack and struggle animations will improve some...currently, the zombies seem more like a minor annoyance when they grab a survivor.

3) I hope they add more missions and a free roam mode because it's ridiculous to have a 50+ gig game with only one repeating mission, even if it's randomized each mission.

4) If they don't let us use recruits we already have, then this is what needs to happen; At the start of the game, we need to be presented with several potential recruits and then have us pick one. The game plays out the same as it currently does now but at the end things get different. Instead of starting the game with a new recruit and starting the process all over again, give us the option to keep the recruit we just finished the run with. The recruit won't keep anything they found in the last run, they do get to keep anything w bought for Z-creds.

Letting us keep any weapons or gadgets we bought with Z-creds earned during the mission gives us that thing to keep us playing that's missing in the current gameplay loop. However, if you die, you lose it all and have to start over again with a brand new recruit. That gives players the incentive to keep playing to make their characters stronger and will probably make players be more careful and strategic in order to not lose the recruit they invested so heavily in.

06-06-2021, 08:31 PM
Make melee weapons actually useful and fun to use. I mean what's the point in melee weapons when taking a swing you CLEARLY hit them but the game say NO YOU DIDN'T.

06-06-2021, 10:22 PM
Make melee weapons actually useful and fun to use. I mean what's the point in melee weapons when taking a swing you CLEARLY hit them but the game say NO YOU DIDN'T.

Very much this, plus why do we have to go to the weapon/gadget/skill wheel to activate a melee item instead of it being automatically equipped like it is in the vanilla game? :confused:

07-04-2021, 11:17 AM
You folks keep saying "zombies are a minor nuisance and it's easy to break out of their grab". Please enlighten me. Almost all my deaths are to zombies grappling me. I feel like there's just not enough ways to avoid zombie hordes other than taking the gamble of sprinting through them and hoping a zombie doesn't teleport to me and bight me. And I still can't figure out how to break their grab. It 100% results in me getting bitten, and yeah, although it doesn't kill you, it puts you in grey screen long enough for another zombie to down me. I'm just not finding any reason to like this game at all. It doesn't feel like I'm playing a DeadSec agent, I feel like I'm playing some skilless mook. Even the characters in L4D felt more powerful than the characters in this game. Even starting with/finding a decent weapon in an upgrade crate does nothing to make you feel any stronger because ammo is too scarce.