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06-02-2021, 04:31 PM
I have already noticed several questions regarding the Alpha Test of WDL Of The Dead.

Here is the Q&A from the developers that should answer most of them for everyone.

Developer insight and Q&A

Q: How did you come up with this mode and when did you decide to release it?

A: We are all huge fans of horror and zombie games! It just felt natural to ask the question: How would if feel if our version of London suffered a zombie apocalypse? The fog on the Thames, the winding European streets that let you wonder what's hiding after the next corner, it's the perfect place to get some shivers.
Zombies offer you an opportunity to use Watch Dogs: Legion’s unique character abilities and hacks in unexpected ways. We can’t wait for fans to test it out!.

Q: Who is working on Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, is it the same team that is working on Watch Dogs: Legion’s content, for example the Bloodline DLC?

A: No, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is being developed by the same team that worked on Watch Dogs: Legion. It is, however, a totally separate experience from the rest of our post-launch content.

Q: How can I play Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

A: All players on PC that own Watch Dogs: Legion can head over to Ubisoft Connect and find a separate “Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead” under the “Free games” tab. You can also use the Search bar and type in Legion of the Dead.

Q: Can I play Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead if I have Ubisoft+?

A: Yes, since Ubisoft+ includes Watch Dogs: Legion, you will be able to access Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead.

Q: Any tips to new players?

A: Watch Dogs: Legion of The Dead is foremost a survival experience with a learning curve that we think is ultimately rewarding. But here are some tips to get your foot in the door:
· Stick together! When one teammate goes down, the entire team fails.
· Power-ups (question mark icons on the world map) will refill your ammunition, give random abilities, weapons or gadgets which are essential for reaching the Extraction point. Be sure you use the Gadgets you find in Power Ups to fight or avoid the Zombie Horde - it is impossible to eliminate them all!
· Speaking of zombies, you can get to safety by standing on vehicles, climbing over fences, or simply avoiding them. Also, they react to noise. Shooting an unsilenced weapon or sprinting across the street will alert nearby Zombies to your position. Choose your battles carefully.

Q: Why did you decide to release the Alpha only on PC?

A: We want Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead to be developed together with our players, meaning we want to iterate on it often and patch it frequently. To make this possible we need to be able to deploy patches fast and we have full control over this on PC via Ubisoft Connect. As we move towards the Beta phase, we look forward to getting reinforcements from players on console, Stadia and Luna.

Q: What changes can players expect to see during the Alpha?

A: During the Alpha, you should expect to see frequent updates based on player feedback. We will be adjusting the difficulty, while releasing new areas to play in. We look forward to seeing what the PC community would like to see added.

Q: Will there be zombies in Watch Dogs: Legion’s Single Player Campaign or Online mode?

A: No, the zombies are exclusive to the Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead mode.

Q: Will my Operatives carry over from Watch Dogs: Legion to Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead?

A: No, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a separate mode and Operatives will not carry over.

Q: Can I stream Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead while it’s in Alpha?

A: Yes, please feel free to stream the mode, record footage and make videos. We’d love to see them and hear what you think about Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead!

As Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead will launch in alpha, players will experience certain bugs and issues while we’re working on the next phase of this game mode. We wanted to highlight certain issues most players will encounter while playing.

· When reaching an extraction point, the UI will not directly tell the player that they do not have the required minimum of 8 Supply Packages to extract.

· If a host leaves a session as soon as the mission has been completed, the “MISSION STARTED” notification appears on screen. Players will be able to end the mission via an extraction regardless of the notification.

· If a downed player becomes the host of the session, they might become unable to recover and continue the mission. A restart will be required.

· When launching the game, players might see a notification about their Online mode Season reward track items. These items are not available in Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead and the notification can be ignored.
· When entering a lobby, it might happen that no menu options will appear. A game restart will be required to resolve this issue.

· Players might receive a “Starting BattleEye Service” notification when launching Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead without the game starting. In this case, please restart your PC and try again.

· Some settings in the Option menus will be present but not affect Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead in the alpha.

· When using Ping, already looted ammunition boxes will be highlighted in green.

· When using Ping, non-interactable ammunition boxes will be highlighted with a white border.

· Occasionally, the “CRITICALLY INJURED” message will permanently appear on your screen, regardless of the state of your Operative. Starting a new session will fix the issue.

06-03-2021, 08:49 PM
Thanks for the Q&A info. That was helpful and great to see the Ubisoft team that created Watch Dogs Legion are fans of zombies. With that in mind, the ideal scenario would be entire access to the full free roam city of London, where zombies auto generated throughout the full city and can even get indoors if they follow the player. Or maybe interiors can be cleared of zombies and then kept as safe houses.

Naturally London wouldn't be stuck eternally in night, so day time would be a welcome variation and the zombies would still be present, like in Day of the Dead by Romero.

Ubisoft Team, please offer this Legion of the Dead mode to all who bought Watch Dogs Legion including offline gamers. There are many online gamers, but many offline gamers that would like to enjoy this game as well. Just as Rockstar allowed with Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare. It was offline or online, player's choice.


06-11-2021, 06:49 PM
Q: Who is working on Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, is it the same team that is working on Watch Dogs: Legion’s content...?

A: No, Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is being developed by the same team that worked on Watch Dogs: Legion.