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06-02-2021, 09:36 AM
Lets all share what we like or don't like, no hate or trolling. For example if we are getting operatives with real money and spend real money for our character to look cool on outfits. Then it wuold bee only normal thing to have options to play with this characters that we like to play with them in zombie mod. And they can bee just for look not for stats, stats and weapons will bee the same like every random characters that we wuold playing with. So even if its a spy or hitman he have just pistol in zombie mod like everyone else and thats it. So next big thing that i wish to add in this mod is if we upgrade and improve that special character. Then it wuold bee cool to have option to save him with all this new things to have him in in online. Because this zombie mod can bee some virtual reality for them where they can be improved and become better so that we can use them in the future for anything else. Because this can be new end game and good way to improve characters and real reason to play it for a long long run...

06-03-2021, 05:26 AM
Thanks for the first post above.

I don't have PC but PS4 and PS5, but I watched the 21 minute presentation from IGN and it looks promising.
I'm a life long zombie movie and video game fan, so first off, thank you for making these walking zombies that don't run! That is very cool to see. The last thing a rotting, decaying being without a heartbeat would be able to do is sprint at top speed as if its rigor mortis rancid muscles were being fed tons of fuel and blood flow to flex with. If zombies were possible, slow movements would be more realistic. Besides, it's more fun to have that advantage over them, being able to run circles around them until they form hordes of the dead.

For Legion of the Dead, Ubisoft, please consider the following:
-OFFLINE MODE PLEASE!!! That would be awesome like with the Watch Dogs 1 digital trip games that were playable offline too. Plus by making it also available offline (in addition to online), it would preserve the game to be playable years after the servers decay for the game. Plus there's a solo mode, so why not offer offline with AI enemies? Please, that would be awesome.

-Day/night cycle. Zombies in the day time are great to see. Not just night for the horror vibe.

-FREE ROAM Mode and Zombies throughout the entire city of London. Just like how you could ignore the limits of the digital trip WD1 game ALONE, you'd be able to have the option to just explore a fallen world filled with zombies this time. That would be epic, rather than just a closed off section.

-Allow the character to pretend they're a zombie to fool zombies until they get too close to smell the player is human.

-If you get bit, maybe there could be a cure you could find at the other end of the map and you'd have to trek on foot to get there, or by bike, car or boat.

-Offer hordes of zombies, like maybe 20 to 100 all in one group following the player.

Those features would also include those who bought the season pass but prefer offline gameplay. Thanks. Looking forward to the Aiden Pearce storyline in London and free roam as Pearce.

06-03-2021, 05:40 AM
Agree with everything InsaneDriver36 (https://forums.ubisoft.com/member.php/2193938-InsaneDriver36) said. Offline mode/option for game preservation reasons.

A free roam mode would be awesome. I would like to explore zombie ridden London with no timer and perhaps more survival elements/objectives.

I would also like to be able to choose my character and choose what they are wearing.

I really love how the Watchdogs London really lends itself to the zombie apocalypse. It feels great sneaking around avoiding the hordes and collecting gear. Hopefully this game mode gets expanded upon.

06-03-2021, 07:59 AM
Yea it have nice pontecial to become even better and having rank up rewards with cosmetics new weapons and so on. Also having like playing with your characters with his weapons and some hard mod playing with your characters but with starting weapons just a pistol. Improving your character would make some type of end game and reason to play more. Also mini bosses and big bosses would be fun to have...

06-03-2021, 08:34 PM

And being able to bring in your favorite agent would be fun instead of getting just random agents. No one agent is so super powered that they're instantly going to be able to plow through tons of zombies if the game is balanced right, so there's no harm in allowing us to bring in our favorite agent with all their outfits and set ups for gear, weapons.

Unless it's a technical limitation for some reason, but I doubt it.

If ammunition is limited, that's a balance to a powerful agent right there.

In the game ALONE in WD1, you could jump into the abandoned cars and drive throughout the entire world map once you earned an exit from the laser robots in that limited part of the patrolled city. That would be cool if we found abandoned vehicles in Legion of the Dead too, to see if some of them still worked. If you got it going, and then hit too many zombies or crashed too much, the vehicle would break down and seize.

For offline or online mode, (offline with AI teammates if you wanted) it would be cool if they could turn into zombies after getting bit, but you wouldn't know if they got bit or not if they didn't reveal it. So you'd always be on edge if they were about to turn or not. Keeping your distance within reason.

If you got bit, you'd have 24 hours or less to find the cure at the other end of the city maybe. A new marker would appear. You'd have to get through a giant horde of zombies to get the cure. If not, you become a zombie. You could play as long as you wanted as a zombie, or just start a new game.

06-04-2021, 07:56 AM
Just want to mention that I dont really get into these Zombie type of games so maybe my thoughts wont fit into the design goals. I dont think i know better here but these are my thoughts.

I dont like how i cant stealth kill zombies, or sneak behind.
Another thing is a couple of times i walked through an empty alley/road or building only to turn around and see a few zombies had spawned behind. I personally am not a fan of this type of spawning system, i prefer they populate the world when i enter the game. Or maybe have them entering the map from logically predictable locations.

I thought a changing day/night/fog and weather cycle would be interesting.

06-05-2021, 08:11 AM
Also its disappointing to see when you kill zombie and watching him on the ground without blood around him its just really bad. Its like some big toy laying on the ground. We need blood effects around the dead zombie.

Town Park Radio
06-07-2021, 06:31 AM
Their hearts aren't beating. why would they bleed?

06-07-2021, 12:22 PM
Their hearts aren't beating. why would they bleed?
Because when you shoot in them in the head the blood poos up like a fountain. And in every zombie movie or game when you see or kill them, blood is everywhere.... It fits that horor zombie dark vibe thats just make it more real and convincing. Because even when the blood shows when you shoot them that same blood continues to comes out and this is something that game does not have. And maybe is not that big of a deal on human enemys but on zombe is just better to be there after they are dead...

06-07-2021, 02:27 PM
Maybe some kind of nano machines are stopping the blood from draining out. pfff nah

I don't get the logic when a developer dose that. Blood spatters appears on walls and objects when you shoot at the zombies that are near walls and such. Blood splatter is fine but a "animated" pool of blood scaling under a dead zombie is a no no.

The blood decals tend to overlap if you have a moving object go near where the decals where placed. But I see that in nearly every game I play.

06-07-2021, 04:40 PM
I'd like to see some other random AI survivors on the streets, running from and fighting the zombies. Then it can be like, do we worry about our own skins or do we help them out? If we help them out, are they appreciative and give us some ammo or something, or do they attack us to take what we have? Stuff like that would just add to the game, IMO.

Also, there needs to be some random weather conditions, like rainstorms with thunder and lightning or thick fog, and the weather should affect the gameplay. Like, when it storms, we should be able to make more noise with less detection because the storm screws up the sound, or when the fog is heavy it should be harder for the zombies to see us yet also easier for us to miss that zombie just standing there off to the side.