View Full Version : Thoughts from a short play session

06-02-2021, 03:11 AM
In short: Befuddlement. It's kinda interesting, I guess, but I'm not interested in playing with others, there's no real motivator in terms of story to get me to keep coming back to this game mode, and it's also taking up extra space. The base game is so thread bare in terms of content and mechanics (not to mention missing features such as the previously mentioned radio/podcasts on foot, and many of the other phone features from the previous two titles), and with the multiplayer lacking in content as well (why is it that every public event is just a swarm drone in like 1 of 2 total locations?), and with the deadline for Bloodline approaching, why further burden yourselves with a standalone zombie game mode that doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of long term engagement? Sure, it's kinda neat to see the zombies milling about, but I could turn on any Dead Rising title and get even more flesh hungry undead. I really hope that the majority of focus is being put on making Bloodline good, because at this point that's my light at the end of the tunnel. All the rest of this stuff, the additional operatives, the team operations, the battle pass, it's not meeting my expectations for what this franchise could do after the step up from 1 to 2.