View Full Version : Thoughts on Zombies Behavior and Interactions.

06-01-2021, 06:40 PM
I've been able to play one match of Legion of the Dead and I can see there is potential in this mode and I'm glad the team is looking to take a risk with this and also turn to the community for it's thoughts. In the short time I spent in the session I experienced several attacks/bites from the zombies and came away from those interactions worried for my continued survival but feeling helpless locked in an animation. If there was perhaps an ability to interact in some way during that interaction, such as a melee counter, to reduce but not eliminate the damage dealt I feel like interactions with these enemies would feel simultaneously more tense and dynamic.

In conclusion, I feel like the interactions hand to hand with the zombies should be focused further on the player's interaction with the enemy and not to simply be locked in an animation. There is a feeling of being helpless during this animation but it also feels restrictive in a way that the standard Watch Dogs experience doesn't. I hope this is constructive to the dev team's efforts and I am thankful for both their time and their effort on this risky and exciting departure from the norm of the series.

Thanks you!

06-01-2021, 07:30 PM
Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to write up your thoughts on how it feels when the zombies manage to reach you.

Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on how the zombies are to interact with in general. :)